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Whole Foods Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Suffering a workplace injury while working for Whole Foods can place you in a difficult position. While many employers choose to protect themselves and their employees by retaining workers’ compensation insurance policies, Texas law exempts most from this requirement. This means that a workplace may be a non-subscriber and push workplace injury cases toward an ERISA insurance company. At the same time, this means that Whole Foods is directly liable for any injuries that occur as a result of their negligence.

A non-subscriber claims attorney could help you collect the compensation that you need and pursues Whole Foods workers’ compensation claims in Houston. Schechter Shaffer & Harris could investigate the cause of an accident and hold employers responsible for their failure to keep you safe. We also have the ability to measure your losses and demand settlements or court verdicts that aim to ease the financial burden you are experiencing.

Helping Workers Injured on the Job

Houston is in a state that does not require most employers to retain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. With the rare exception of public government employers and those engaged in the fulfillment of government contracts, all employers may opt out of this protection. This decision has significant consequences for all employees who suffer an injury while working.

Employers who choose to forego workers’ compensation insurance may be directly liable for any harm that those workers experience. While ERISA insurance plans provide protection for employers against injuries that are an employee’s own fault, they do not provide this same shield against direct liability when an employer is to blame for an accident. This means that injured Whole Foods workers in Houston may directly sue the company for their losses when an injury is the fault of the employer.

A lawyer could provide more information about this complex area of the law and investigate the incident to prove that an individual’s losses were the result of negligence on the part of Whole Foods.

Potential Compensation Following a Houston Whole Foods Workplace Injury

Most personal injury cases operate on the premise that an affected person should collect the compensation necessary to place them in a position that they would have been in had the incident never occurred. This same concept applies to workplace injury cases. A workplace that allows an injury to occur to their employees on their property must provide the full payments necessary to set things right.

Even with this simple concept, the burden still lies on a worker to demonstrate the extent of those losses. For instance, an attorney could collect the medical bills associated with the injury and demand that an employer cover the full extent of the costs. In addition, many people find that they experience significant emotional trauma connected to the event, which could be compensated for. Finally, most workplace injuries result in a person needing to take time off the job to make a recovery or may even cause a permanent disability. These missed wages can also be part of a damages claim.

Contact an Attorney for Assistance with Whole Foods Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

All workers who suffer injuries while performing their jobs deserve the full compensation that they need to cover their bills and bring stability back into their lives. If your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, this may necessitate a civil case that demands proper payments, resulting in a settlement or a jury trial.

Workplace injury lawyers fight for the rights of employees who have suffered on-the-job injuries and fight for justice through Whole Foods workers’ compensation claims in Houston. Speak with us now to get started.

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