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Lowe’s Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Work injuries happen all the time, and while some of these instances may not be serious, there are those that can lead to life-changing outcomes. The impact of a severe work injury can create a host of physical and personal challenges, including the financial costs of treating it and missing days of work.

If you are a Lowe’s worker who was recently injured while on the job, you may want to assess what legal options you have. An attorney could answer your questions about Lowe’s workers’ compensation claims in Houston and help you determine whether you have a case to pursue compensation for damages you sustained from your work-related injury.

Breaking Down Non-Subscriber Workers’ Compensation Claims

While the workers’ compensation process can be straightforward in many states, Texas does things differently. Although states typically require most employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage to supply benefits when employees are injured, Texas is not one of them. Companies that do maintain workers’ compensation coverage are known as subscribers. Entities that do not carry workers’ compensation – such as Lowe’s – are known as non-subscribers.

While there are several differences between subscriber and non-subscriber claims, one of the most notable is how a worker can obtain compensation following an injury sustained on the job. For subscriber claims, injured employees can generally only seek financial recovery through workers’ compensation. Stepping outside this process to file a personal injury claim can be virtually impossible unless a third party apart from their employer contributed to or caused their injury.

In the case of non-subscriber claims, injured employees can file a personal injury suit directly against their employer because workers’ comp benefits do not apply. Importantly, in a non-subscriber claim, the injured worker must prove that the employer was negligent and that this negligence was the direct causal factor behind their injuries and financial losses. Given that non-subscriber cases are typically founded upon negligence claims, this also means that the employer can raise alleged contributory negligence on the part of the injured employee as part of their defense strategy.

Deadline for a Worker to File

In addition, strict time limitations apply to these claims. Lowe’s employees who are seeking workers’ compensation claims in Houston would generally be subject to the same statute of limitations that applies to other types of personal injury claims, which is just two years from the date of the injury. It is vital to speak with a lawyer who could review the evidence, assess all points of possible liability, and launch a case to pursue all compensation to which the worker may be entitled.

Types of Compensation for Injured Lowe’s Workers

Lowe’s workers in Houston may suffer a range of injuries for which they may have a cause of action to pursue a compensation claim. Common work-related injuries range from bone fractures and crushing injuries to neck and spinal cord damage, especially if the person deals with heavy merchandise or machinery. When such injuries stem from negligence, the worker could be entitled to several types of compensation.

For example, compensation for lost wages and medical bills may be on the table. In a non-subscriber claim, injured workers may also seek compensation for pain, suffering, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium, and mental distress. Sometimes, the court may see fit to award punitive damages to injured workers. This form of compensation is often only awarded in cases where the negligence was so reckless or outrageous that the court believes it merits further financial punishment.

Speak with a Houston Attorney About Lowe’s Workers’ Compensation Claims

Beyond the physical hurdles that come with a work-based injury, you may have concerns about covering your medical expenses and making up for time missed from work, not to mention the cost of any ongoing therapy or treatment integral to your recovery. If you have questions about Lowe’s workers’ compensation claims in Houston, your next call should be to an experienced attorney.

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris can help alleviate the burden by helping you launch a claim to pursue any money you might be entitled to. Call now to arrange a case consultation with a team member today.

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