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Potential Injuries Working at Lowe’s in Houston

Lowe’s is a big box home improvement chain with many stores throughout the country. To keep operations running smoothly, the company employs thousands of workers at various locations. Employees perform a wide variety of jobs, which can expose them to several types of potential injuries working at Lowe’s in Houston.

If you or your family member experienced a serious injury while working at Lowe’s, you deserve help. A seasoned work accident attorney could meet with you to discuss your rights and review your legal options.

Reasons Lowe’s Workers Suffer Harm

Although many people think that everyone at Lowe’s works as a sales associate in the store, employees work many different types of jobs. Some people work at the front as cashiers, ringing up customers’ purchases, while others restock shelves in warehouses, backrooms, and retail store fronts. Some Lowe’s employees drive cargo from warehouses to stores in large tractor-trailer trucks. The company also has a large garden and lawn center where many employees work. Others work in corporate offices.

Because workers perform so many types of jobs, they are at risk of suffering different types of injuries, depending on the kind of work they engage in. Some of the most common types of accidents suffered by Lowe’s workers are as follows:

  • Slip and falls, often on wet and slippery floors after another worker has mopped
  • Tripping inside a store over obstacles, objects, and debris in aisles and walkways, such as unmaintained carpeting or flooring
  • Falling outside in the parking lot due to potholes, uneven pavement, or uncleared icy parking lots
  • Falling off a faulty ladder while restocking
  • Misuse of forklifts, tools, or other equipment
  • Inadequate lighting inside or outside a store
  • Poor security or lighting in a parking lot or loading area, allowing a criminal to attack someone outside a store
  • Lifting and carrying heavy boxes repeatedly throughout every day
  • Not being given sufficient work breaks
  • Truck collisions

Dedicated personal injury attorneys could investigate how an accident occurred and see if Lowe’s or a third party bears any responsibility for how it happened.

Types of Injuries that Workers Experience

Lowe’s workers can experience both acute and long-term injuries, both of which may be potential reasons for compensation.

Acute Injuries

Some acute injuries, such as head lacerations, brain injuries, back and neck injuries, and broken bones, occur in falls when other employees fail to quickly clean up wet spots on the floor. Other acute injuries, such as head trauma and crush injuries, happen when heavy objects become unsecured and fall onto an unsuspecting worker. Sharp tools can be mishandled, resulting in severe lacerations, which can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Long-Term Injuries

Like other workers, Lowe’s employees in Houston can sustain repetitive use injuries if they constantly perform the same jobs. Warehouse workers who lift heavy cargo can experience debilitating back pain, such as herniated discs. Office workers who type all day, or cashiers who perform the same motions at the register, can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Regardless of the type of injury, workers deserve help. A non-subscriber lawyer could help workers recover compensation for all types of work-related injuries.

Call a Houston Attorney After Suffering Injuries from Working at Lowe’s

There are many potential injuries you might experience working at Lowe’s in Houston. Some employees experience life-altering harm because of their work. They deserve help and a chance to pursue compensation for what they have endured.

If you experienced an injury while employed by Lowe’s, call an experienced local attorney to discuss what they can do to help you.

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