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Lowe’s Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

Lowe’s hires thousands of employees throughout the country to perform a wide variety of jobs. These workers interact with customers and help them purchase the materials and products they need to complete their home improvement projects. Unfortunately, with so many workers performing different jobs, inevitably some employees suffer work-related injuries.

When you or your loved one sustained harm while working at Lowe’s, you should meet with a dedicated employee accident attorney who has extensive experience with Lowe’s work injury lawsuits in Houston. Our legal team could help you determine your next steps.

What Could You File a Work Injury Lawsuit For?

Lowe’s workers perform many different types of jobs. Because it is a home improvement warehouse and hardware store that stocks heavy machinery, tools, and equipment, much of the work performed is physical and manual labor. Consequently, many store employees face a wide variety of hazards every day at work. Some of the ways employees sustain injuries are as follows:

  • When the machinery they are using malfunctions
  • When a customer or another worker misuses equipment or machinery.
  • Falling from a ladder while stocking shelves
  • Having something from a shelf or forklift fall onto them
  • Damaging their back from lifting heavy cargo repeatedly
  • Tripping on merchandise left in the store aisles or walkways
  • Slipping on ice or snow in the parking lot or entry way
  • Tripping on an unsecured rug, loose floor mat, or other uneven walking surface

No matter how their injury occurred, they deserve help. A qualified non-subscriber accident attorney has successfully handled lawsuits involving Lowe’s workers who have suffered injuries in a wide variety of incidents.

Potential Damages to be Recovered in a Lowe’s Lawsuit

People who suffer workplace accidents and injuries at Lowe’s can experience wide-ranging complications from their injuries. If they experienced physical trauma, they might need surgeries, hospitalizations, and follow-up doctor’s visits to check on the status of their recovery. They might also need to modify how they live, possibly relocating to a new home with elevators or even moving to a rehabilitation center, nursing home, assisted living facility where they can gain access to specialized care while they heal.

Some people might experience emotional trauma that lingers after their injury. Not being able to do all the things they are used to doing can result in depression or anger. They might need mental therapy to treat their symptoms.

In addition, medical costs for their physical and emotional treatments can be expensive. If their injuries keep them from working, they might not be able to pay their medical bills or other expenses.

Fortunately, a compassionate personal injury attorney could help. A team member from Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could sit down with an injured Lowe’s worker to learn what they have lost and what they might need in the future.

Contact a Houston Attorney About Filing a Lowe’s Work Injury Lawsuit

When you experience a work-related injury, you deserve compensation. Due to Texas’s non-subscriber laws, Lowe’s might not offer workers’ compensation, which opens them up for a lawsuit directly.

A seasoned legal team could investigate what happened and help you identify who is legally responsible. They might be able to help you seek damages from Lowe’s, another worker, a customer, or a manufacturer of a defective product. Our team has had success with other Lowe’s work injury lawsuits in Houston. Let us help you today. Contact the office for an initial free consultation.

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