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Costco Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Workers in Costco’s warehouses face a wide range of hazards while doing their jobs. This includes all of the hazards that come with working in a warehouse setting, as well as dangers that accompany dealing with customers in parking lots or operating delivery vehicles. People who endure injuries because of doing their jobs deserve medical care and financial stability. In most states, this could mean utilizing a workers’ compensation plan.

Sadly, obtaining these benefits is often difficult in Texas, since the state allows employers to operate without workers’ compensation plans. Their status as non-subscribers can make it challenging to obtain the medical care and wage benefits you deserve. However, at the same time, it means that Costco may be directly liable for your losses after an incident. A lawyer is ready to explain the non-subscriber rules and protect your rights during Costco workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Most states around the country require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance plans. These plans provide benefits to injured workers that cover their medical bills and provide partial wage reimbursement for time missed on the job.

However, Houston is not in one of these states. Instead, employers like Costco have the option of buying privately administered ERISA plans. These function in much the same way as workers’ comp plans and provide many of the same benefits. When Costco makes this choice, we call them a non-subscriber.

There is a major difference in how workers’ compensation and ERISA plans protect employers. One of the major benefits of having a workers’ compensation plan in place is that an employer enjoys a shield against direct liability for an employee’s losses. ERISA plans provide no such protection. This means that if Costco was negligent in allowing an injury to occur, they must provide compensation that covers the entirety of a worker’s losses that ERISA benefits did not provide. A lawyer could provide more information about liability laws and how they interact with Costco workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

Frequent Costco Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are common in dangerous settings like Costco warehouses. All employees are vulnerable to incidents that cause serious injuries, require medical attention, and affect their ability to return to the job. Frequent examples of workplace injuries that impact Costco employees include:

  • Slips and falls on the store’s floor or in delivery zones
  • Crushing injuries while unloading freight or stocking shelves
  • Severe cuts and amputations while working in the butcher shop
  • Traffic accidents in parking lots or that affect long-haul delivery drivers

Each of these incidents will inflict severe physical injuries, affect a worker’s ability to earn a living, and cause emotional traumas. When Costco is a non-subscriber, they must provide compensation for a worker’s losses that are not covered under ERISA benefits. This is possible when Costco was negligent in allowing the incident to occur. An attorney works to prove this negligence and seeks out fair compensation through settlements and civil lawsuits.

Reach Out to an Attorney About Costco Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Every person who suffers an on-the-job injury because of their employer’s negligence deserves to have their medical bills and other losses taken care of. The employer’s liability comes into play when they are a non-subscriber to a workers’ compensation insurance plan. If Costco has opted out of this coverage, they could be subject to a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact a lawyer now for more information about Costco workers’ compensation claims in Houston. The team at Schechter, Shaffer & Harris is ready to perform a full investigation into the incident, understand how the event has changed your life, and demand the full payments that you require.

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