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Whataburger Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

If you are hurt while on the job, you should at least know that you will be financially protected. Many employers choose to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy that provides benefits in case the worst happens. However, Texas law does not require them to do so; and if you suffer a workplace injury or illness, and your employer has opted out of coverage, pursuing a lawsuit against this non-subscriber for compensation may be your only option.

You need a lawyer to protect your legal rights after an illness or injury that occurs while working for the fast-food chain Whataburger. A lawsuit seeks out the monetary damages needed to fill in the gaps of what ERISA does not cover. It can be tricky to file a Whataburger workers’ compensation claim in Houston, which is where Schechter, Shaffer & Harris comes in.

Holding Employers Responsible When They Forego Insurance Plans

Most states require at least some of their employers to obtain worker’s compensation insurance plans. These plans provide medical care and income reimbursement to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses related to their jobs.

Unfortunately, Texas is not one of these states. Workplaces can assume the risk of incidents that may impact the well-being of their employees, and if an employer chooses to operate without a worker’s compensation insurance policy, they are directly responsible for any injury that occurs while in operation.

In most situations, these injuries result from premises liability cases like slips and falls, defective safety mechanisms, or structural defects. In addition, injuries may also result from improper training methods, the negligence of a fellow employee, or violent attacks from customers. A worker might even get burned due to the grills and fryers used to make food. If Whataburger was negligent in any way, a Houston attorney could identify all available evidence to use in a workers’ compensation.

Personal Injury Claims Against Whataburger

While it is usually a bad thing for employees when an employer chooses not to have workers’ compensation insurance, it does increase the compensation that an injured employee can pursue following an injury. Workers’ comp shields the employers from direct liability for workplace injuries but also limits the payments that a worker can receive to just their medical care and partial wage reimbursement. Even if an employer like Whataburger chooses to obtain an ERISA plan, the potential compensation for an employee does not change.

The goal of a personal injury suit following a work-related injury is to fill the gaps left by these plans. A lawsuit often focuses on compensation for all remaining missing income and for all reductions in a victim’s quality of life. A Houston lawyer is ready to take the lead in these Whataburger workers’ compensation claims and get an injured employee the money they need to properly recover.

Find Legal Counsel for Whataburger Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

State law may make it difficult for you to seek justice if you burned yourself on a defective appliance, hit your head due to poor conditions in the kitchen, or suffered harm because a co-worker was poorly trained. If you have learned that your Houston-located Whataburger is a non-subscriber to a workers’ compensation insurance plan, it is essential to act quickly to protect your legal rights.

We have the experience to make your case for damages, even if your employer does not have a workers’ compensation policy. For more information on how we could represent you, fill out a contact form or call us at your earliest convenience.

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