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Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Working for Family Dollar or Dollar Tree in the Houston area does not come without hazards. While working in a warehouse or stocking shelves certainly comes with obvious dangers, other duties like interacting with customers and even simply walking the store’s floor can be more dangerous than you might think.

In many places in Texas, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree have chosen to opt out of the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program, which makes them non-subscribers. As a result, they are directly responsible when their negligence results in your injuries. A workplace injury attorney could help you pursue a lawsuit when you have a Family Dollar/Dollar Tree workers’ compensation claim in Houston.

When Might Dollar Tree or Family Dollar be Negligent for an Injury?

People in Houston could suffer injuries while working for Family Dollar or Dollar Tree in many ways. These companies employ many workers in their warehouses and trucking departments, and it is easy to see how heavy machinery and large vehicles can contribute to a major incident.

At the same time, even people employed in the store itself may be at risk. Something as simple as a wet floor may cause a worker to fall and hit their head. They could also hurt themselves by lifting heavy boxes or dealing with unruly customers. These incidents may result in a variety of life-altering injuries, such as:

An attorney could help investigate the source of an injury and connect it to a person’s time spent on the job. This is a vital part of collecting ERISA benefits when an employer is a non-subscriber and proving liability in personal injury lawsuits.

The Impact of Negligence on Workers’ Compensation Claims

When employers in Houston such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar choose not to obtain a workers’ compensation policy, they are saying that they are directly liable for injuries that impact employees due to their own negligence. In fact, workers’ compensation insurance policies specifically provide protection for employers in these events. As a result, a lawyer helps injured workers show that it was an employer’s negligence that caused an incident.

Employers could be negligent in many ways. They might fail to provide a safe working environment, including against crime. They could also fail to properly maintain equipment or not provide adequate training programs. A lawyer must fully investigate every incident to uncover evidence of negligence in Family Dollar/Dollar Tree workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

They also recognize that state law gives employees a limited time following an injury to seek out compensation. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 sets this time limit as only two years after an incident. Contacting a lawyer now allows them to provide immediate support and have enough time to prepare a claim.

Let a Houston Attorney Help Pursue Your Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Workers’ Compensation Claim

Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are massive companies that are looking to maximize their profits. One way that they do this is to avoid obtaining a workers’ compensation policy. While this is permissible under state law, it also leaves employers directly liable for any injuries that result from their negligence.

An attorney from Schechter, Shaffer & Harris wants to help you pursue Family Dollar/Dollar Tree workers’ compensation claims in Houston. Contact us now to get started and begin the pursuit of damages that you rightly deserve.

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