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Potential Injuries Working at Family Dollar in Houston

In a busy city like Houston, retail businesses provide essential supplies to communities, such as groceries, health and beauty products, home decor, household goods, and gadgets. However, businesses like Family Dollar are not immune from suit if injuries occur through the course of employment.

Potential injuries working at Family Dollar or Dollar Tree in Houston can occur from slip and falls, repetitive strain injuries, lifting injuries, exposure to hazardous materials, and violence on the job. If you have been injured on the job at Family Dollar, having an experienced workplace accident attorney by your side is vital in order to get the compensation that you deserve.

Slip and Falls

The most common sort of injury that can occur in a retail setting like Family Dollar is a slip and fall. These incidents can happen due to wet or slippery floors, improper floor maintenance, inadequate lighting, leaks from refrigerators, and water tracked-in from the outdoors. Employees of Family Dollar restocking shelves or assisting clients on the floor can overlook certain hazards, increasing the chance of an accident. These dangerous conditions can cause fractures, sprains, head trauma, and permanent disability.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

When working at a retail store, employees will most likely be asked to complete repetitive tasks such as stocking shelves, lifting boxes, and scanning items at checkout. Although it does not seem burdensome completing these tasks once or twice- repetitive motions can lead to strain injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Without proper training from Family Dollar, workers can quickly develop discomfort and chronic pain.

Lifting Injuries and Overexertion

It is very common for employees of Family Dollar to be asked to lift and carry merchandise. Improper lifting techniques and training can lead to strains, herniated disks, and sprains.

Exposure to Harmful Materials

Family Dollar carries a wide variety of products, such as household cleaning supplies, pesticides, personal care products, air fresheners, batteries, and pool and spa chemicals. Improper handling or even the storage of these goods can expose employees to various health risks such as allergic reactions, chemical burns, and allergic reactions. Without adequate training and safety protocols from Family Dollar, employees may suffer chronic health issues due to chemical exposure.

Violence and Assault

Violence and assault are unfortunately not uncommon occurrences in a retail setting. In stores such as Dollar Tree, incidents of verbal abuse, threats, physical assaults can occur. Risk factors include working during late night hours, dealing with stressful situations (such as theft or customer disputes), working in areas of high crime, and being around individuals who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Physical assaults, such as pushing, hitting, or even using guns, pose a significant threat to the safety of retail employees.

Apart from physical injuries, employees can experience psychological trauma such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a decreased sense of safety in the workplace.

Talk to a Houston Attorney After Suffering Injury at Family Dollar or Dollar Tree

When employees are injured on the job in Texas, their employer might not carry workers’ compensation. You could then file suit against your non-subscriber employer directly. There are various potential injuries that can occur working at Family Dollar in Houston, so please reach out and book a consultation today with our experienced legal team.

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