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Sam’s Club Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

You have the right to pursue your job without being afraid of suffering a workplace injury. This includes the various hazards that can come about from working for Sam’s Club, including slips and falls, crush injuries, and even violent customers. In most places, workers’ compensation policies provide protection in the form of medical care and partial wage reimbursement. Unfortunately, Texas does not require this coverage.

When Sam’s Club is a non-subscriber to the state’s workers’ compensation insurance plan, they are directly responsible for the injuries that result from their negligence. An attorney is ready to pursue a workplace injury lawsuit that demands compensation to fill the gaps left by ERISA claims. You have options when you find yourself in need of making a Sam’s Club workers’ compensation claim in Houston.

Personal Injury Claims Following Injuries at Sam’s Club

Houston is in a state that does not require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. This means that an employer may be directly liable for accidents and other events that result in an employee suffering an injury or illness. In these situations, a lawyer may take advantage of personal injury lawsuits that attempt to show that an employer was negligent in allowing these losses to occur. These cases have advantages over traditional workers’ compensation cases because they can demand payment for the full extent of an employee’s losses, and are not limited to medical care and partial wage reimbursement.

Potential Liability of Third Parties

Even if a worker receives full benefits under an ERISA plan, it may be worth evaluating the actions of other people or companies involved in an incident. This is because an ERISA claim may not cover the full extent of a person’s losses, and these third parties or Sam’s Club itself may be responsible for the remainder of these damages.

In a work setting, these jointly liable parties may be co-workers who cause injury through gross negligence or even the makers of workplace tools who fail to provide a safe product. An attorney could evaluate the specific circumstances of every incident and identify all parties at fault. It is also important to file the claim within the state’s two-year time limit under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003.

Working to Prove Sam’s Club’s Negligence

Employers have a duty under the law to provide a safe workplace. In most situations, workers’ compensation provides a shield against direct liability for employers, even if the incident was their fault. However, non-subscribers do not enjoy this protection. As a result, a worker who can prove that Sam’s Club was negligent in allowing an incident to occur can seek full compensation for their losses without a workers’ comp claim.

One of the first things they would do is verify the non-subscriber status of that specific Sam’s Club. They then gather as much evidence as possible about how an incident occurred and how Sam’s Club failed to keep workers safe. Finally, they strive to understand how an event has impacted a worker’s life and make a fair claim for damages as a result.

Let a Houston Attorney Guide Your Sam’s Club Workers’ Compensation Claim

Sam’s Club locations in Houston do not have the obligation to provide workers’ compensation insurance protection to their employees. When they choose to be non-subscribers, they take the safety of their workers into their own hands. This includes the obligation not to be negligent in allowing injuries to occur.

When bodily harm happens because of Sam’s Club’s negligence, they are on the hook for your damages. This extends beyond any protections under an ERISA plan to include full wage compensation and even payments for lost quality of life. Contact an attorney now to learn more about Sam’s Club workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

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