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Target Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

No employee working in Houston should face the costs of medical treatment or loss of income after the onset of a workplace injury. The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance programs is to provide employees with payments to cover their losses and help them retain financial stability while making a recovery.

Sadly, it can be difficult to collect these payments because Texas does not require employers to provide this protection. Companies such as Target can make the choice to be non-subscribers. This means that you may not be able to directly claim compensation for lost wages or receive proper medical care. It may be necessary to directly sue Target for benefits when their negligence was the source of your injury. A lawyer could help pursue Target workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

Appealing ERISA Benefit Denials

Some people who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses in Houston work for employers who retain workers’ compensation insurance. When this is the case, these workers have the right to receive free medical care and income reimbursement through a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, employers like Target have the option to forego this coverage. They may be non-subscribers and retain protection through a third-party ERISA plan.

A workers’ compensation attorney could pursue an appeal after a denial of ERISA benefits, which could happen for a variety of reasons. They may allege that the injury was the product of a worker’s horseplay while on the job, or dispute the extent of a person’s injuries or the necessity of these people to take time off work. An attorney could make the necessary connection between the performance of one’s job duties and an injury that now leaves an employee unable to work.

Demanding Compensation from Non-Subscribers

With a few exceptions, every employer in Houston and throughout the state has the option to refuse workers’ compensation coverage. These workplaces are making the calculated choice that their personal liability for any injury will cost less than the outlay necessary to retain a workers’ compensation policy.

One specific way that employers may be responsible is when an injury is the product of their negligence. Target may be negligent by not properly maintaining the store or equipment. They could also be negligent by hiring unqualified staff or not having proper training programs in place. It is important to find a lawyer who is experienced in pursuing Target workers’ compensation claims in Houston. These lawsuits often seek out compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability

In many situations, it may be possible to reach a negotiated settlement with an employer. In others, a full trial may be necessary to collect the compensation that a worker needs to set things right after an on-the-job incident. An attorney works to protect the interests of employees every step of the way.

Contact an Attorney to Assist with Target Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Every person who suffers an injury for simply doing their job deserves appropriate restitution, such as free medical care, payments for emotional traumas, and reimbursement for lost wages. Collecting these payments from non-subscribers like Target can involve submitting a claim to an ERISA insurance company or even directly suing your employer.

A workers’ compensation lawyer could help in both scenarios. If you have received a denial on an ERISA workers’ compensation insurance claim, they could take the lead in pursuing an appeal. If your employer has opted out of workers’ comp protection, they know how to directly sue that workplace. Reach out to an attorney now to learn more about Target workers’ compensation claims in Houston.

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