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Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Amazon is one of the largest employers in the country. Yet every day, workers suffer injuries while fulfilling their job-related duties. In many situations, these people have the ability to seek out compensation and medical care through a workers’ compensation insurance claim. Sadly, for many in the Houston area, this is not an option.

Texas is the only state that allows employers to opt out of workers’ compensation coverage. We call these employers “non-subscribers.” As a non-subscriber, Amazon may purchase an ERISA plan to provide protection to employees. However, their status as a non-subscriber also means that Amazon may be directly liable for workplace injuries that are the result of their negligence. An attorney could help you pursue Amazon workers’ compensation claims in Houston. This includes pursuing proper ERISA benefits, as well as playing a key role in any personal injury claims following injuries that are the result of Amazon’s negligence.

Injuries That Impact Amazon Workers

People who work for Amazon may perform a wide variety of on-the-job duties. For many, this involves strenuous warehouse activities, including the lifting of heavy boxes, the operation of dangerous machinery, and the use of hazardous tools. Still others will drive Amazon delivery trucks and be vulnerable to collisions that occur on Houston’s roads. It is also possible that people working in an administrative capacity may suffer injuries due to slips and falls or structural defects in buildings.

No matter the exact source of a person’s workplace injury, they deserve compensation if that injury occurs while on the job. This concept forms the basis for all Amazon workers’ compensation claims in Houston. The job of a lawyer is to pursue the full compensation that an employee deserves after these incidents. The damages typically involved in a lawsuit can include medical care for injuries, compensation for lost time on the job, and even payments for pain and suffering.

Amazon May be Directly Liable for a Workplace Accident

One of the features of a workers’ compensation plan is that an employer is not directly responsible for workplace accidents. Even if that accident was because of an employer’s direct failure to provide a safe workspace, the law says that an injured employee cannot sue their employer. Houston is in a state that does not require employers to obtain these policies. Instead, they may obtain ERISA benefit plans that are separate from workers’ compensation.

ERISA plans work in much the same way as workers’ compensation. An affected worker may make a claim and receive benefits in the form of medical care and partial wage reimbursement for time lost on the job.

However, having an ERISA plan does not shield Amazon or other employers from liability that results from their negligence. This means that injured workers can demand compensation for the remainder of their lost income and even for their emotional traumas connected to an incident. A Houston attorney works to prove Amazon’s negligence in allowing an incident to occur and demands full compensation on behalf of affected employees.

Call an Attorney Now for Help With Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claims in Houston

Amazon is a massive employer in the Houston area but state law says that they do not need to obtain a workers’ compensation policy. This means that the company may be directly liable for your losses if an injury resulted from their negligence. These cases can seek out the full compensation you need to make things right.

Speak with Schechter, Shaffer & Harris now to learn more about Amazon workers’ compensation claims in Houston. Our team will work to hold non-subscribers responsible for their failure to keep you safe and demand the payments needed to cover your losses.

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