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Potential Injuries Working at Amazon in Houston

Whether working in an office setting or a more industrial environment like a warehouse, workers can be subjected to a range of hazards on a daily basis. When an employer’s action or inaction creates a dangerous situation that injuries an employee, that worker may be entitled to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

This applies to injured Amazon workers as well. The potential injuries working at Amazon in Houston can leave employees grappling with wide-ranging physical harm, medical bills, and other expenses. When you have been injured while working at Amazon, you may want to speak with a dedicated workplace accident attorney to assess what legal solutions may be open to you.

Common Causes of Amazon Worker Injuries

When an Amazon worker is injured on the job in Houston, they may have multiple types of legal recourse to pursue. This is because unlike the majority of states, Texas does not require most private companies to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Amazon is one of many well-known companies that has chosen to opt out of this program, which is called being a non-subscriber.

While this might seem concerning for workers at first glance, this can actually enable them to recover far broader types of compensation than would be available in a regular workers’ compensation case. When an employer does carry workers’ compensation coverage, as most private companies outside of Texas are required to do, injured workers can obtain benefits this way, but are generally not allowed to file a lawsuit against their employer regardless of whether their employer’s negligence or carelessness played a role in the underlying injury.

Non-Subscriber Claims for Injuries

In the case of a non-subscriber claim, if the injured worker can show Amazon’s negligence was behind the harm they suffered, they can be eligible to multiple types of compensation for their past, ongoing, and future losses.

Some of the most frequently reported causes of injuries at Amazon warehouses include slip and falls, accidents involving equipment or machinery, and falls from ladders, scaffolding, or other high places. Other common Amazon worker accidents that may indicate negligence include vehicle incidents, chemical or electric fires, and falling objects. Office workers might even have a case for repetitive motion injuries.

Injuries and Damages in Amazon Claims

There are a wide range of injuries Amazon workers can suffer on the job in Houston that may stem from their employer’s negligence or failure to exert reasonable care to ensure a safe work environment. These injuries can include soft tissue injuries, contusions, broken or fractured bones, strained or sprained muscles, and neck injuries. Such injuries can also include more severe losses like spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, loss of a limb, nerve damage, or other internal damage.

An attorney representing an injured Amazon worker could help them recover numerous types of monetary damages for the losses they have sustained. They may be entitled to claim recovery for their pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium, and more.

Get Help from a Houston Attorney After Being Injured While Working at Amazon

Just because Amazon is a non-subscriber does not mean that filing a personal injury claim is a simple matter. Going up against a behemoth like Amazon requires an attorney with extensive experience handling these kinds of high-octane cases, the legal knowledge to identify all possible angles to achieve compensation, and the vigilance to take the case forward in pursuit of the most favorable outcome.

If you believe you have suffered potential injuries working at Amazon in Houston, in addition to receiving prompt medical attention for any harm you have suffered, you should consult with a lawyer at the earliest available opportunity. To speak with Schechter, Shaffer & Harris about your potential claim, contact our office today and arrange your free case review.

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