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Baytown Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have been in an auto accident or experienced any other personal injury type, hiring the right attorney is vital. Here in Baytown, the law office of Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris understands the power of passion, and we’ve got knowledge of how the law works.

The process of filing a personal injury claim can be long, confusing, and stressful. The laws of personal injury are foreign to most people. SMSH is a firm you can relay on to push insurance companies to compensate you appropriately. Our Baytown personal injury lawyer will fight, so you don’t have to. Your situation is serious and we will make sure it is treated as such.

Car Accidents in Baytown, Texas

Car accidents can be life-changing events. Every year victims suffer from property damage, lost wages, and an over flow of medical bills. Reckless drivers and those driving under the influence have no concern for anyone but themselves. SMSH will always put you first and help you sort things out.

Truck Accidents in Baytown, Texas

Large trucks have caused some of the most devastating wrecks on our roads. Some are accidents, but too many of them are not. Negligent truck drivers need to be held accountable. SMSH know how to deal with uncooperative truck companies who seek to limit their responsibility, and your compensation.

Baytown Maritime & Offshore Lawyers

SMSH is a BBB Accredited Business with attorneys who have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with maritime and offshore cases. We pride ourselves in knowing the law inside out. As a law firm with serious experience, we can help you fight and win your case. Please do not hesitate to call SMSH at


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