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Baytown Dog Bite Lawyer

Being attacked by a dog can be a tremendously unnerving event, potentially causing severe infections, broken bones, and lacerations. If a canine hurts you through no fault of your own, you may be able to hold its owner accountable by filing a lawsuit. Texas and Baytown laws enable injured people to bring claims against those whose dangerous dogs hurt others.

Figuring out if you have a case against someone can be complex, often requiring an experienced personal injury attorney to sift through the evidence and applicable laws. A Baytown dog bite lawyer welcomes the chance to advocate for victims so they can direct their time and energy toward healing rather than wading through mountains of paperwork.

What Are Common Injuries From Dog Attacks?

When a dog assaults someone, the injured person may experience a host of injuries, including:

  • Lacerations
  • Eye injuries
  • Infections
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputations

Hand and arm injuries are more likely to occur if the person being attacked puts their arms out in front of them to stop the dog or shield themselves. While this is a common reaction, it also increases the chance the dog will bite that area of the body. Baytown attorneys who handle dog bite cases are familiar with the many types of injuries caused by these animals and know how to request medical records to support a potential claim.

When Are Owners Responsible for Dog Attacks?

In Baytown, dog owners are accountable for the harm caused by their animals if their pets are dangerous. The Texas Health and Safety Code § 822.041(2) definition of a dangerous dog includes those who attack someone without provocation while outside their secure enclosure. The Code of Ordinances, City of Baytown, Texas § 14-1, has a similar rule about when an animal is hazardous to others.

People are also accountable for their pets’ actions if they commit negligence or inadequately protect others from getting hurt by their dogs. For example, if they allow their dog to run loose in an unfenced yard, they may be held liable for subsequent injuries, even for the first time the animal hurts anyone. If a dog’s owner does not follow state or local animal laws, this may be grounds for liability if someone gets hurt.

Dog owners could be held civilly and criminally liable for harm their animals cause to others. Baytown lawyers counsel people with dog bite injuries to help them understand their rights under these complex laws. Many injured people find it challenging to properly bring a claim, but a trained professional could help.

Call a Dog Bite Attorney in Baytown for Assistance

When animals injure humans, they can cause extensive damage to someone’s nerves, bones, skin, eyes, and mental health. If a vicious dog attacked you without provocation, you may have a claim against the owner. Filing a lawsuit cannot turn back the clock, but you may find it empowering to tell your story and receive compensation for your troubles.

Our dedicated attorneys have helped many others who were injured because a dangerous animal got loose and attacked them. We are fierce advocates for the wounded and devote our time and energies to holding negligent pet owners accountable for their careless actions. Contact a Baytown dog bite lawyer to set up a consultation.

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