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Baytown Boat Accident Lawyer

A relaxing day on a boat with your friends and family can quickly derail when a terrible incident occurs. A boat accident can leave multiple passengers suffering from painful and long-lasting injuries. All too often, a boat incident or crash can be traced back to someone’s negligence.

A Baytown boat accident lawyer could investigate whether there is potential for a negligence-based lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney could leave no stone unturned to identify the responsible parties involved and pursue rightful compensation on your behalf.

Establishing Sources of Liability for Boat Accidents

Serious boat accidents can happen for a variety of reasons and stem from various sources of liability. Some of the most commonly reported types of boat accidents include:

  • A collision between two vessels
  • Someone falling overboard
  • A passenger slipping and falling while on the vessel
  • A fire on the boat
  • The boat capsizing
  • A drowning incident

These types of incidents are often associated with injuries including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, damage to internal organs, and even wrongful death.

All too often, a boat accident could have been preventable if someone had not acted with negligence. Some of the leading causes of boat accidents that can trace back to negligence include operating the boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, taking the boat out in hazardous weather conditions, operating the boat while distracted, operating a boat without sufficient training, and speeding.

Other Sources of Liability

However, boat accidents can also stem from other catalysts besides an operator’s error. For example, a dangerous incident can result from a faulty piece of equipment on the boat, improper vessel maintenance, or improper storage of equipment and chemicals on the boat.

A Baytown attorney could carefully investigate any and all potential sources of liability behind a specific boat accident. Depending on what they find, multiple parties could bear legal liability. These parties could include the owner of the boat, the person who was operating it, or even the manufacturer of the boat or of certain equipment on the vessel at the time of the incident.

Pursuing Compensation for Boat Accident Injuries

A lawyer could help boat accident victims in Baytown seek multiple forms of compensation for the harm that they have suffered. State law requires most injured plaintiffs to file a lawsuit no later than two years from the date of the boat accident, so it is wise to consult with an attorney as soon as is feasible.

Recoverable compensation could include economic damages, non-economic damages, and even punitive damages in some instances. Economic damages can include the value of the person’s lost wages, medical bills, the cost of ongoing medical care, and other specific dollar amount expenses. Non-economic damages include losses like pain, suffering, and psychological anguish caused the crash.

Punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, are not included in most settlements or court awards. However, these may be granted in some situations as a means of penalizing the at-fault party or parties for gross or willful negligence.

Get Help from a Baytown Boat Accident Attorney

Every boat accident is different, and the chain of events that led to yours may require careful investigation and someone who understands the legal requirements to file an effective claim. A Baytown boat accident lawyer could help you determine whether a person or entity’s negligence was behind the incident that injured you.

Our law firm could be your legal voice and help you seek all compensation to which you may be entitled. To discuss your prospective case with a knowledgeable attorney, contact us today and schedule your confidential legal consultation.

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