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Baytown Bus Accident Lawyer

Being in a bus crash could have a lasting impact on your life, but Texas law provides a way for you to seek justice. Filing a legal claim against the person at fault for the collision may help you heal and get the financial support you need to rebuild. You could shoulder this legal burden on your own, but it may be best to hand this task over to an experienced personal injury attorney you trust.

A Baytown bus accident lawyer at Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could lend a compassionate ear and champion your interests in court. Our attorneys are well-respected and have helped others successfully hold at-fault parties accountable for the harm they caused others. We cannot undo what happened, but we can support you during the legal recovery process.

Common Reasons for Bus Crashes

Because of their large size, buses are more susceptible to crashes if the driver is not careful or properly trained. Overcorrection in response to a road event (like an animal crossing or the driver allowing the vehicle to drift onto the shoulder) could lead to a crash. Likewise, if the driver does not have a valid commercial driver’s license, they may unknowingly operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner and cause a crash.

Other causes of bus accident include intoxication, texting, fatigued driving, and speeding. Driving too fast for conditions is especially dangerous for buses, because it is much harder for these immense vehicles to come to a complete stop.

Bus crashes may cause people to suffer broken bones, burn injuries, concussions, or other serious harm. A Baytown public transportation injury attorney may write and submit legal paperwork for the victim and appear in court on their behalf.

What Compensation Could Someone Receive After a Bus Collision?

People involved in bus accidents can suffer tremendous losses and endure lifelong trauma because of the crash. Texas law empowers injured parties to seek compensation to cover the economic and non-economic costs of the collision. Depending on the circumstances, someone injured in a bus crash may receive reimbursement to cover their medical care, lost income, and property damage.

Injured people may also pursue a monetary award to address the physical suffering, discomfort, and other invisible losses they experience because of the accident and their injuries. For example, they may receive a judgment to compensate them for the impact of permanent scarring or their loss of enjoyment of life.

Bus crash attorneys serving Baytown may help those injured to identify and calculate the full extent of their legal damages under the law. An injured plaintiff can count on a respected attorney to handle the legal case while attending to their post-accident physical and emotional healing.

Call a Lawyer for Assistance After a Bus Wreck in Baytown

If you were hurt in a bus accident, you deserve compensation for what you have had to go through. You are empowered to stand up for your rights in court and seek monetary judgments to address the physical, emotional, social, and financial fallout of the collision.

Our experienced legal team is here to support you by investigating your claim, making legal recommendations, and helping you exercise your legal rights. You do not have to go through the legal process on your own. Contact a Baytown bus accident lawyer today to schedule a time for your free consultation.

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