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Baytown Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When you are hit by a car, you deserve the chance to seek compensation for your injuries. Texas law empowers victims of pedestrian collisions to seek remedies for what happened to them. If you are an injured pedestrian and you win your claim, you may be entitled to money for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and repair costs.

You do not have to take legal action without help. A Baytown pedestrian accident lawyer on our team could help you prepare and litigate your case in court to maximize your likelihood of receiving what you might be owed. Our experienced personal injury attorneys welcome the chance to work with you to secure justice on your behalf.

Causes of Pedestrian Crashes

Many behaviors can lead to someone getting hit by a car. Examples include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk drivers
  • Engaging in reckless driving
  • Speeding, which can make it more likely that a collision with a person on or off the road will happen.

However, pedestrian behavior can also contribute to crashes. For example, if a nighttime runner is not wearing proper reflective gear, this can make it more difficult for a driver to spot them, leading to a collision. Furthermore, pedestrians who jaywalk or do not follow traffic signals at intersections also put themselves at risk of being hit.

Pedestrian accident lawyers serving Baytown have experience working on cases involving many scenarios leading to a person getting hit by a car. They can help someone by informing them of their legal rights and providing recommendations about the next steps. Attorneys also understand what evidence will matter in a lawsuit and where they can find it.

Establishing Liability in a Pedestrian Collision Case

Part of establishing who is at fault in a pedestrian crash case is proving that someone committed negligence. Negligence occurs if one party owes a duty to another person and fails to meet it, resulting in that person getting hurt. Texas law requires pedestrians and motorists to exercise due care and make reasonable decisions when they are on or near the road.

The injured party can prove the other person is at fault for the crash by gathering important evidence. Photographs, witness testimony, and law enforcement reports can help explain what went wrong leading up to the incident. Medical records, requests for leave, and receipts for services like physical therapy and doctor’s visits can support the pedestrian’s claims for damages.

Pedestrian collision attorneys help guide people in Baytown who were hit by a car while walking or running along the side of the road or in a crosswalk. They could locate and request key evidence to establish that the other person is responsible for what happened.

Call a Pedestrian Collision Attorney in Baytown for Assistance

If a driver was not following the traffic laws when they hit you, state law may provide you with a pathway to secure financial compensation. Understanding all the rules about when to file a claim and figuring out if you are eligible for damages can be confusing to handle on your own. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could provide answers to your questions and take charge of the legal aspect of your claim.

We fight for people who were injured through no fault of their own. Our experienced team has the knowledge and reputation to take on the faceless insurance companies and at-fault drivers who make it difficult for pedestrians to get fair settlements. Contact a Baytown pedestrian accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

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