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Baytown Defective Products Lawyer

You should be able to drive your car, use your washer and dryer, and allow your kids to play with their toys without fear of a defect in these products harming one of you. Texas law protects consumers against negligent or greedy manufacturers, distributors, or sellers who fail to take steps to prevent their products from harming others. If you or your loved one were injured by a defective product, you may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable in a court of law.

Instead of taking on this responsibility alone, you should call on the help of a Baytown defective products lawyer. Our trustworthy personal injury attorneys devote their time and energy to fighting for those who were hurt because someone else made a mistake or intentionally misled consumers to increase their profits. If you are in this situation, Schechter, Shaffer & Harris can support and advocate for you during this time.

What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Defective?

Products can be defective in how they are designed, made, or used, including from a label mistake that has missing or incomplete warnings. Common examples of products that may be defective include the following:

  • Medication that does not warn of certain side-effects
  • A vehicle with an unsafe design (such as faulty brakes)
  • Medical devices (such as a pacemaker) that do not work how they should
  • Household appliances (like dryers) that catch fire unexpectedly during ordinary use

Texas law may also consider a product to be defective if there is a problem with the instructions or label. For example, if the instructions leave out important safety steps, this may render the product unsafe. Likewise, if the product (like a cleaning chemical or medication) is labeled as one thing, but it is actually another product entirely, this can create an unsafe situation for the consumer.

A defective products attorney serving Baytown has the technical knowledge that is required to handle these cases. They could leverage their experience and training to help victims tell their stories in court and get the compensation they deserve. These lawyers advocate for injured consumers and firmly believe that no one should have to suffer because of a mechanical failure or corporate negligence.

How Does Someone Prove Fault in a Products Liability Case?

Proving fault in a products liability action in Baytown can be challenging because of the technical laws and facts often at play in these cases. Plus, Texas law has different requirements depending on what variables are present in the case. For example, if the claim involves an inherently unsafe product (like sugar, which can cause health problems if eaten in excess), the requirements are much different than if the consumer claims there is a problem in the product’s design.

Consumers can boost their chances of bringing a successful case by accurately recording what happened before, during, and after the incident. For example, they can note what the salesperson told them or what the packaging or sales contract says. They can also keep a “pain diary” to document the impact of the incident on their day-to-day functioning.

A defective products lawyer investigates product liability cases to help Baytown residents support their claims against manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of dangerous goods. Attorneys could also assist by performing in-depth research into the source of the defect and linking this to the harm the victim suffered.

Contact a Baytown Defective Products Attorney for Assistance

An injury from a defective product, like a washer, toaster, vehicle, or child’s toy, can be painful and traumatic. If you were injured in a scenario like this and think someone else is to blame for what happened, taking legal action may be possible. By filing a lawsuit against the entity responsible for your injuries, you can tell your story, work to get compensation, and maybe even prevent the same thing from happening to others.

When you are hurt by a faulty or unsafe item, medication, or appliance, call a Baytown defective products attorney at our office to schedule a free consultation.

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