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Baytown Car Accident Lawyer

Many people will be involved in a car wreck at some point in their life. Despite it being a fairly common experience, it is disruptive and distressing when it happens to you. If you suffered injuries, a wreck could be a life-altering experience.

Even minor crashes can lead to significant losses. If the crash was the fault of the other driver or another party, you could seek financial damages. Working with a seasoned personal injury attorney could ensure you preserve your rights and receive every penny you deserve. When you suffered losses in a wreck, consult a Baytown car accident lawyer immediately.

How to Preserve Your Rights After a Wreck

A driver’s conduct immediately after the wreck can impact the compensation they receive. Insurance companies for other involved drivers work hard to avoid paying an appropriate amount for legitimate claims. They seek evidence that a claimant is to blame for a wreck or is exaggerating their injuries to inflate their claims. It is best to be prepared.

Limit Conversation

Anyone involved in an accident should avoid speaking with others as much as possible. Insurance companies misconstrue apologies offered out of courtesy as admissions of guilt. The best course is to call the police, ensure everyone involved is alright, render first aid until help arrives, and do not talk to anyone about how the incident happened.

When the police arrive, people should provide contact and insurance information but not volunteer more information. It is acceptable for someone involved in a Baytown car wreck to say they are too shaken to answer questions and would prefer to see a medical professional first.

Seek Medical Care

Getting medical help immediately is critical, both for health reasons and to bolster an insurance claim. When a medical professional examines someone right after a car wreck, they will check for injuries that might not be apparent to the accident victim. The stress of the incident can mask symptoms, and some serious injuries do not produce symptoms until hours or days later, like a serious brain injury.

Obtaining a medical exam immediately supports a claim by connecting the injuries to the accident. When an injured person seeks care promptly, it demonstrates that they took reasonable steps to address an injury before it got worse. Following medical advice is extremely important as insurance companies could cite non-compliance as a reason to diminish their responsibility and shift blame to the injured victim.

Stay Off Social Media

People increasingly use their social media accounts to inform friends and family about happenings in their lives. Doing so when an accident claim is pending could weaken the claim.

Insurance companies will comb social media posts to find information to dispute a party’s claim. Taking a break from social media while a claim is pending is a good decision.

Contact a Baytown Attorney

Insurance adjusters and the company’s legal staff devote their working lives to handling car accident claims. An injured victim trying to negotiate a settlement without assistance is at a great disadvantage.

When a Baytown auto accident lawyer handles insurance company negotiations, it protects the injured person from accidental admissions that could weaken their claim. Furthermore, the attorney is aware of statutes of limitations that might apply to the case and could ensure the suit is filed in time.

Pursuing a Car Accident Claim

This state follows the traditional rule that the driver at fault for the accident must pay the damages of others who suffered losses in the crash. Texas Transportation Code § 601.072 requires everyone registering a vehicle to have at least $30,000 in liability insurance coverage for injuries to one person, $60,000 for injuries to more than one person, and $25,000 to cover property damage. Drivers are usually personally liable for damages that exceed their insurance coverage.

When an accident occurs, fault is usually assigned to one driver who is responsible for compensating other involved parties. Sometimes the liable party is someone other than the at-fault driver, like an employer if the defendant was on-the-clock at the time. Other potentially liable parties include vehicle manufacturers and local governments.

If a party suffers injuries or the at-fault driver’s insurance company attempts to shift blame for the car crash, contacting a Baytown attorney for assistance is critical. A legal professional could investigate the accident, provide proof of the other party’s fault to the insurance company, and litigate the claim in court if the insurer does not make a reasonable settlement offer.

Contact a Baytown Car Accident Attorney for Guidance

When you are injured in a wreck, do not try to handle your claim without professional assistance. A Baytown car accident lawyer has the experience to accurately assess a claim’s value and the negotiating skills to ensure a fair settlement. Do not delay in reaching out to Schechter Shaffer & Harris for help. Contact a capable attorney today.

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