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Baytown Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Those injured in a bike crash could pursue legal compensation in court if someone else is to blame for the wreck. Instead of filing suit by yourself, contact an experienced Baytown bicycle accident lawyer for personalized assistance.

At Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, we provide diligent and professional legal representation to bike crash victims throughout Baytown and elsewhere in Texas. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys understand the difficulties faced by those who cannot work, engage in family activities, or take care of themselves because of bike injuries. We are here to provide support to and legal guidance for the injured.

What Rules Do Bicyclists Need to Follow?

There are rules in place to make sure folks are engaging in bike riding safely. In most situations, Texas’s Rules of the Road apply to bicycles in the same way that they do to cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles. For example, bike riders need to let people know they will make a turn and must pause at stop signs and traffic signals.

Bicyclists do have rules that only apply to them. For instance, bicyclists must have at least one hand on the handlebars and cannot ride with more than one person unless each person has a seat (in other words, a tandem bicycle). Additionally, bicyclists should stay on the far right-hand part of the lane or roadway unless they need to make a turn, pass somebody, or avoid an obstacle in their path.

Bike laws have many other exceptions that may apply in any given situation, making it difficult for riders and drivers to understand what the rules are. Baytown bike crash attorneys could help an injured person by explaining the bike laws using commonsense terms and using these laws to inform their legal recommendations.

What Should People Do After a Bike Crash?

Being in a bike crash can be scary for all involved, potentially resulting in severe harm like traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and internal damage. When someone is in a bike accident, they should contact the police and secure emergency medical care. By doing this, they support their physical health while laying the foundation for a future legal claim.

The next step is to file a claim with the insurance company, which will then conduct its own investigation. After the police and insurance company are informed of the crash, the injured party can take steps to settle the case with the at-fault party or their insurance company. If they cannot reach a favorable settlement, it may become necessary to pursue compensation in court.

It is easy to feel disoriented and become overwhelmed in the aftermath of a bike accident. A bicycle wreck lawyer in Baytown may help demystify the claims process and take care of the legal matters. Many people find it reassuring to have a designated professional who handles tasks like communicating with the insurance company, filing legal documents, and going to court.

Learn How a Bike Wreck Attorney Serving Baytown Can Help

Picking up the pieces after a bike accident can be challenging, but it is possible to start to rebuild your life. Filing a lawsuit is one step you can carry out to help relieve the financial burden of the crash. A lawyer could help prepare you for the legal process and advocate for your interests.

We take bike claims seriously and have a successful track record of helping clients bring these cases. While compensation cannot undo what you have gone through, getting financial recompense could help address the pain and suffering you have endured. Contact a Baytown bicycle accident lawyer at Schecter, Shaffer & Harris to set up a free consultation.

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