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Baytown Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When individuals and businesses allow dangerous drugs to enter the market and harm patients, unsuspecting users may become ill or develop serious conditions. If a medication made you sick, state law may entitle you to take legal action against the company that made, dispensed, or prescribed it. You can take on this burden without legal help, but having an attorney to help you navigate product liability laws may be wise.

A Baytown dangerous drugs lawyer on our team welcomes the chance to help you research your case and file legal paperwork with the court. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys also have valuable courtroom experience representing those harmed by medications. We are here to support and guide you.

What Can Cause a Drug to Be Dangerous for Consumers to Use?

When people take medication, they expect the pill or solution to be safe for them to use and that it will help relieve their symptoms. They might also expect minor side effects like mild headaches, nausea, and fatigue. But when these side effects become so severe that they make the person incredibly sick, the drug may be considered dangerous.

For a drug to be dangerous, there usually must be something wrong with its packaging (such as the instructions for use) or the compound within the medication. For example, a drug might be dangerous if it is laced with another chemical or if the label fails to warn patients of potential serious side effects. If the substance is expired, recalled, or incorrectly labeled (such as a heart medication getting mixed up with an anti-seizure drug), this can also cause it to become dangerous.

Product liability lawyers in Baytown could help someone affected by dangerous drugs and advise them of their legal rights. They can also stand up for victims in court proceedings, like at trial or during settlement talks with the opposing party. Working with a lawyer helps safeguard the plaintiff against pressure from the at-fault party to drop the case or accept an unfair settlement offer.

What Can Someone Do if They Are Harmed by Dangerous Drugs?

If someone experiences severe side effects after taking a medication, they may be able to file a products liability case under Texas law. Before they take the case to court, the plaintiff might also attempt to negotiate a deal with the person or entity at fault for what they went through. Those who might be to blame for a dangerous drug include the following:

  • The company that manufactured the drug
  • The researchers who developed and tested the formula for the medication
  • The organization that distributed the drug to the pharmacy
  • The pharmacist who dispensed the substance to the consumer
  • The doctor who prescribed the medication

Cases involving dangerous drugs tend to be complex because of the many hands at work in developing and distributing medications to consumers. A hazardous drug attorney in Baytown could help someone identify who might be at fault for the harm they endured.

The law requires plaintiffs to bring their claim within a certain amount of time after the consumer purchases the medication. The attorney could help them exercise their rights by filing the correct lawsuit against the negligent parties within the applicable filing deadline.

Learn How a Baytown Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

People who take medications to get better should not fear that they will end up in an even worse position. When doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers, distributors, or others make mistakes or mislead the public, they can cause serious harm to unsuspecting consumers. If a dangerous drug caused you harm, the law equips you with the tools to secure justice for what you have gone through.

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris advocates for injured consumers and families impacted by dangerous medications that cause patients harm. We have the technical knowledge to understand the medical terminology in these cases and develop a strong legal strategy. Contact a Baytown dangerous drugs lawyer to schedule an initial consultation.

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