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Uber/Lyft Accidents in Houston

Over the years, the popularity of “hired vehicle” services like taxis and rideshare apps has skyrocketed. Because they represent themselves as professional drivers, the drivers of these vehicles are held to a higher standard. Unfortunately, these convenient vehicles are just as likely to get into accidents as any other.

Personal injury claims pursued by auto accident attorneys are one way to provide relief to injured passengers. If you or your loved ones have recently been involved in Uber/Lyft accidents in Houston, reach out to our firm for the best chance at success.

What Makes Rideshare Accidents Different?

A category known as “common carriers” includes drivers of Ubers and Lyfts as well as other vehicles like taxis, commercial trucks, and shuttle buses. As common carriers, these professional drivers are expected to have appropriate training. Sometimes they may even need to earn special commercial licenses.

When an accident occurs between a hired vehicle and another driver or pedestrian, there are several key differences compared to a typical collision. The first thing a local car accident attorney investigates is how much insurance is involved. If the at-fault driver was working for a company like Uber or Lyft, there could be a robust commercial policy in place. In Texas, for example, Uber has private insurance that covers their drivers whenever passengers are in the vehicle. If the accident was not the Uber driver’s fault, but another driver’s fault, uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage may also come into play. In cases of catastrophic injuries, a commercial policy does a lot more to help cover losses.

In some cases, there are also matters of driver qualification, background checks, mandatory vehicle maintenance, drug testing, supervision, monitoring, and training to look into. Just as trucking companies often require drivers to keep logbooks, in an Uber case, there may be a record showing how many hours that Uber driver was on the road. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit to access that information. Fortunately, a Houston attorney could investigate all available evidence and insurance coverage to help determine who is responsible for paying damages in an Uber/Lyft accident.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Driver fatigue is a common contributor to accidents with hired vehicles. Drivers may also be distracted by checking GPS directions when taking riders to unfamiliar destinations. Speeding is another concern, as the business model of rideshare apps encourages drivers to complete as many trips in a day as possible to earn more money.

Punitive Damages in Rideshare Accidents

If a Houston Uber or Lyft driver broke the law and caused an accident, punitive damages may also be available in a claim. Punitive damages kick in when someone makes a choice that they know is dangerous and could harm people. For example, if an Uber driver sees that their light is red and decides to speed up and go through it, their conscious indifference to public safety would warrant punitive damages.

When a person gets into a Lyft or Uber accident, small errors can seriously impact the value of their case. An attorney could take the stress out of an Uber accident injury case by gathering documentation, filing a claim, and connecting their client to the medical care they need. They could also preserve precious evidence like dashcam footage, if it is available. Best of all, an attorney could handle all communication with the insurance company.

For Help Recovering From Uber/Lyft Accidents, Call a Houston Attorney Now

Every day, Uber/Lyft accidents in Houston affect many lives. A trusted attorney offers support and guidance during this stressful time. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, contact our firm today to get started on your recovery.

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