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Bad Weather Accidents in Houston

While it is preferable not to drive in heavy rain, snow, or fog, sometimes you have no choice. These conditions exponentially increase the odds of a severe car accident. When you experience a bad weather accident in Houston, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit with the guidance of a reliable lawyer.

The Effects of Bad Weather on Vehicle Crashes

Houston has a lot of accidents anytime there is a freeze because many people do not know how to drive with any amount of ice on the road. A number of accidents are also a result of extremely heavy rain, with people unable to see because their windshield wipers are not working.

Every time a motorist crosses the bridge in Texas, there will be a sign to watch out for ice. With the air flowing underneath, ice will develop if there is any amount of moisture on the bridge.

If the driver chose to drive in poor weather, such as heavy rain where they can barely see where they are going, that is not a good choice to make. If they get hit by someone under those circumstances, it may be that the injured party is seen as contributorily negligent.

Initial Steps After an Incident

After a bad weather collision has occurred, injured individuals should not panic. Nearly everybody has a cell phone these days to call for help immediately. They should get out of their vehicle if they are not too hurt and document what things were like at the scene of the accident, including any ice on the road or the presence of rain. If conditions are severe enough that it is dangerous to go outside, they should stay in the car, assuming it is not risky to do so. It is a good investment to get a dashcam, which can record not only the accident, but also the weather conditions as they appear in the moment.

In order to pursue underinsured motorist benefits in Houston, there would have to be another vehicle involved. A plaintiff cannot recover damages if they do not have the name and contact information of the other driver(s) involved.

Ways for a Lawyer to Help

A bad weather accident lawyer in Houston may be able to examine the tires on the defendant’s vehicle to see if they had adequate tread. If they do not, that means they would not be able to stop in time and avoid an accident, or they may lose control of the vehicle. A lawyer could also investigate if the vehicle’s headlights were operational, which is a critical piece of information in the rain or fog.

Although evidence from the time of the crash is extremely helpful, it is also possible to confirm the conditions even after they have dissipated. There will be all sorts of recoverable data on how the weather was at any given time of the day, like the amount of wind or rainfall. Supporting video evidence from the same area could also provide context.

Drivers should be proactive in protecting themselves. A person should make sure their windshield wipers are functional; and if there is insufficient light, even if it is not completely dark, they should turn on their bright lights so other drivers can see them. When the roads are wet, having treaded tires that are in good condition helps prevent hydroplaning. Being forward-thinking about these things could be beneficial in the event a jury is allocating fault for a collision.

Seek Counsel From a Houston Attorney After Experiencing a Bad Weather Accident

Slick conditions make a motor vehicle incident more likely. If your crash was the result of another person’s negligence in the face of rain or fog, Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could assist you after a bad weather accident in Houston. Schedule a free consultation with us at your earliest convenience.

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