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Houston Rollover Accident Lawyer

Perhaps the most dangerous type of crash is one where your vehicle flips over, sometimes multiple times. This situation might be the result of another motorist driving at high speeds, a faulty vehicle design, or defective roads. A skilled car accident attorney from Schechter Shaffer & Harris could help you determine the best way of securing damages. If you are enduring a long recovery, leave the legal work to a Houston rollover accident lawyer.

Defining Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle rolls over either onto its roof or completely back over again onto its wheels. It may roll multiple times, depending on the extent of the collision.

Many severe collisions happen at an intersection, where the target vehicle smashes into the side of a second vehicle. Alternatively, a lot of rollovers happen to cars or trucks with a high center of gravity. When making a turn too fast, that can cause the vehicle to roll. If a vehicle is knocked off the road and down a hill or ravine, it will roll as it goes down that inclined slope. All of these scenarios can be properly defined as a rollover incident.

Unique Risks of Rollover Crashes

Rollovers tend to produce extremely bad injuries – especially traumatic brain damage due to the heavy movement of the car flipping over. The unique thing about rollovers, and what needs to be considered in every rollover where there are catastrophic injuries is: was the vehicle safe when they get rolled over? Manufacturers need to design their cars in a way that makes them not prone to rollover; and if they do rollover, the occupant compartment should not collapse and hurt the people inside it. A Houston lawyer could assess if the vehicle involved in a rollover accident has been recalled by the manufacturer due to its dangerous design.

Safety and Prevention

Everyone can decrease the odds of being in an accident by being safe drivers and driving defensively. But this alone will not prevent all injuries. When it comes to a rollover, the best thing to do is to wear a seatbelt and make sure the vehicle is equipped with airbags.

If someone is in an accident that has enough force to cause their vehicle to roll over, there is not a lot they can do at that point to prevent it from rolling over. This is where seatbelts and airbags can potentially save a life.

Evidence of Poor Vehicle Design

In any rollover car accident case, a Houston lawyer will want to look at the plaintiff’s car and see if the design of the vehicle had something to do with why it rolled over, such as having a center of gravity that was too high. A lawyer will also want to look at the occupant restraint systems, the airbags, and the strength of the cage that surrounds the vehicle to see if those designs were adequate to prevent injuries. If the designs were insufficient, it could potentially lead to a product liability case, where the manufacturer is the target of the claim instead of another driver. Automakers have a duty to produce a sturdy vehicle that does not put the occupants at risk even in a serious collision.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Houston Rollover Accident Attorney

When your vehicle flips over, you could be put in serious danger. If this incident was the result of another driver or a poor vehicle design, you should hold the liable party accountable for your losses. Call us now to see if you could benefit from a Houston rollover accident lawyer.

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