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Car Accident Settlements in Houston

When you are recovering from a serious motor vehicle incident, you will want to get financial compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Car accident settlements in Houston can provide that money but you also risk getting a lowball offer from the insurance company. By working with a skilled car accident attorney, you could have someone in your corner who understands what your claim is worth and fights for you to get every dollar that you deserve.

Who Decides to Settle Rather Than Go to Trial?

The client makes the decision to take a case to trial or accept a settlement. The lawyer’s job is to advise them of the risks of going to trial, the possible outcomes, and whether the settlement offer is fair and should be considered as an agreeable offer in light of the potential risk.

There a lot of personal reasons someone in Houston might want to settle their car accident claim. Maybe they do not like being in court or are too nervous to deal with it. However, a good lawyer should be able to prepare them for court and ultimately it will not be much of an issue.

There are times when the defendant has made an offer that a lawyer determines is fair, and advises to settle. An experienced lawyer who is board certified and has tried a lot of cases will have a pulse on what is happening at the courthouse where that case must be filed. A good, experienced lawyer is one who already tries cases at that courthouse and who is familiar with the types of juries that tend to appear in their jurisdiction.

Taking a Case to Court

Insurance companies often make unreasonable offers, which might sometimes necessitate going to court and pushing for a fair payout. A jury does not determine settlement numbers. If the jury has spoken and issued a verdict, that is going to set a floor or a ceiling for the amount of compensation given.

The Value of an Attorney in Settlement Negotiations

The most important way a lawyer benefits someone is by taking the headache out of handling all the paperwork, gathering the medical records, retaining expert witnesses, and submitting a compensation demand. They also may need an attorney who can use their law license to file the case. Their lawyer should also have an idea as to what the case is worth. There are studies that show a plaintiff will get two to three times more money in a car accident claim if they hire a lawyer than if they attempt to do it on their own. Most insurance companies use their database and analytics to attempt a qualitative or quantitative analysis as to what the case is worth. Plaintiffs should have someone on their side who can provide similar insight.

A lawyer should know how to move the case along through the different phases, like getting medical treatment, gathering records, negotiating with the insurance company, and initiating litigation, if necessary. In general, the longer the case goes on, the more it tends to be worth because there is usually more medical care involved.

Car accident settlements in Houston are almost always paid out in a lump sum. An attorney could take that lump sum and show the plaintiff how much of it will go to medical bills, case expenses, and attorney fees.

Learn How a Houston Attorney Could Help With Car Accident Settlements

You should not wait to have a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. There are aspects of the case that a lawyer can get started on immediately, even if you have provided no documentation about the accident or their injuries. However, if that information is readily available for us to review at the initial meeting, you should bring it to the consultation.

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