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Katy Child Injury Lawyer

When people become parents, their responsibilities shift. Instead of thinking so much about themselves, they immediately begin worrying about their kids. The happiness and safety of their kids is often foremost in most parents’ minds. However, even if they might want to, parents cannot always stand guard over their kids and be right beside them to prevent harm from occurring.

If another party did something to cause that injury, there might be grounds to file a personal injury suit. When your child was hurt, a Katy child injury lawyer might be able to help you fight for financial compensation and accountability.

Why Children’s Injuries are Often More Serious

Kids are curious and learn so much in such short periods of time. A lot of that learning comes from exploration and trial and error. Along with that exploration and growth comes some setbacks and tumbles. For instance, as a toddler first learns to walk, they usually fall repeatedly until they figure out exactly what they are doing and eventually master the task. Little bumps and minor scrapes are a fact of life with a growing child.

Fortunately, in most situations when kids get a little bit hurt, they bounce right back. However, some injuries for children are worse than they are for adults. Due to their small size, kids are more fragile and their injuries can be significantly more severe. Their bodies cannot always withstand the same kind of damage as fully grown adults. For example, if trauma occurs to a child’s growth plate when they break a bone, that child might need to undergo a painful operation and face a difficult recovery to avoid permanent mobility impairment. Similarly, if a baby suffers a severe jolt to their head, such as from shaken baby syndrome, they could suffer permanent brain damage.

The most common types of childhood injuries are as follows:

  • Cuts and lacerations, sometimes resulting in permanent, disfiguring scars
  • Bruises and contusions
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries, including spinal trauma
  • Choking
  • Poisoning
  • Head injuries
  • Drowning and near drowning

In the event a child dies from their injuries, a child injury lawyer in Katy could help their parents pursue justice for their untimely and heartbreaking loss in a wrongful death suit.

Reasons Why Child Injuries Occur

There is no shortage of situations that can produce harm to a child. Serious harm can occur even in places where parents feel their children are the safest, such as at home, school, or at a trusted caregiver’s or daycare center. Lack of supervision, use of dangerous products, and unsafe conditions can all lead to children’s accidents. Falls, choking, suffocation, and ingestion of toxic substances such as common household cleaners can all occur anywhere.

Kids also frequently suffer debilitating injuries in motor vehicle crashes, playground accidents, and sporting and recreational accidents, while others might sustain serious harm in dog attacks.

Regardless of how an injury occurs to a child, a dedicated Katy attorney could perform a detailed investigation and build a solid case from which to pursue compensatory damages.

Call a Katy Child Injury Attorney to Help With the Legal Challenges

Watching your child experience a needless injury is painful for any parent. If somebody else’s negligence or intentional misconduct harmed your child, your family deserves justice.

No childhood injury case is the same, which is why it is critical to work with an experienced legal team that has the right kind of knowledge about these situations. Call a Katy child injury lawyer today to begin discussing your claim.

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