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Katy Truck Accident Lawyer

Large trucks and other commercial vehicles form an essential part of the local and national economies. It is rare for a company not to rely on some form of shipping to move its products. As a result, it is nearly impossible to drive anywhere without encountering these massive vehicles. The sheer size and number of trucks on the road increase the chances of collisions that can result in serious injuries. No matter how severe your injuries may be, you must still work with a personal injury attorney to show that a trucker’s negligence was the source of the accident.

A Katy truck accident lawyer could thoroughly investigate the crash and gather evidence that points to a trucker as being at fault and legally liable.

Why Are Trucks and Commercial Vehicles So Dangerous?

Efficiency is the primary goal of most shipping companies. As a result, they purchase trucks that carry the maximum available loads and hire drivers who can pack as many hours of driving into a day as possible. Unfortunately, this can create many hazardous situations on Katy’s roads that can lead to accidents.

Many truck accidents near Pattison and Fulshear are the product of distracted driving. Truckers have the same duties to keep their eyes on the road as all other travelers. Texting while driving, speeding, or eating while behind the wheel can all place people at severe risk of harm.

Other collisions are the product of scenarios that are unique to the commercial trucking industry. The size of these vehicles creates substantial blind spots that even advanced mirrors cannot penetrate. Additionally, trucks have maximum weight allowances on highways and local roads that exist to allow for adequate mobility. Finally, federal regulations limit how many hours a commercial driver may be behind the wheel in any given day or week. A driver who flouts these laws may be presumptively at-fault for a collision. A Katy truck accident attorney could provide more information about how trucking accidents occur and the resulting legal bases for filing claims.

Helping Injured Individuals Get Compensated

Collisions with commercial trucks can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Most pressing are the physical injuries that can threaten an individual’s life or jeopardize their ability to get back to normal. Truck crashes can break bones, separate joints, sever spinal cords, or cause traumatic brain injuries. A trucker, their insurance company, and their employer could all potentially be liable for providing payments to cover the costs of all necessary medical care. This includes both past, present, and future treatment.

However, a comprehensive claim must also evaluate how the incident has affected the victim’s overall quality of life, as it may leave a person with emotional traumas that cause nightmares, an inability to leave the house, or PTSD.

If a truck accident near Pittsville forces a person to miss time on the job to seek treatment or to make a recovery, defendants are liable to provide reimbursement. A truck accident lawyer in Katy could form demand packages and make sure that a claim is filed on time. Texas Civil Practice and Remedy Code § 16.003 says that injured plaintiffs have two years from the date of injury to demand compensation. It is important to contact an attorney immediately so that this law does not bar recovery.

Give a Katy Truck Accident Attorney a Call Today

Collisions with tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks rarely end well for people in smaller cars. Commercial vehicles can easily crush these cars and inflict severe injuries on the people inside, and the resulting physical injuries, emotional traumas, and economic losses can form the basis of a demand for compensation.

A Katy truck accident lawyer is available to guide you through the entire process and take on the bulk of the work while you focus on your health. Place a call today to Schechter Shaffer & Harris to schedule a consultation.

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