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Katy Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The long-term consequences of traumatic brain injuries can be impossible to predict. Some health issues might not surface for months or even years after the injury occurs, making it difficult to treat the condition—and difficult to seek fair and full compensation for your medical expenses.

If you are living with a traumatic brain injury through no fault of your own, it is vital that you speak to a skilled catastrophic injury attorney today. You might have a viable case for compensation based on the extent of your injuries. Now is the time to discuss your options with a Katy traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Not every traumatic brain injury is the same. These injuries occur under a variety of circumstances, and different forms of physical trauma harm the human brain in different ways. If an accident happens, a Katy traumatic brain injury attorney could pursue legal action based on the following injuries:

  • Coup-contrecoup injuries
  • Penetrating brain injuries
  • Contusions or brain bleeds
  • Concussions
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI)

All of these have significant, life-changing consequences for an injury victim. When a traumatic brain injury happens due to an act of negligence, it may be possible to hold the at-fault party accountable with a civil lawsuit.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen

A traumatic brain injury can occur under a variety of situations. Most of the time, these injuries result from some kind of traumatic impact to the head or neck. While blunt trauma is the most common factor, some brain injuries occur when an object penetrates the brain itself.

Common TBI scenarios include the following:

One of the most common situations that causes traumatic brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents and bus accidents. In fact, vehicle collisions are one of the primary causes of bodily injuries in general. Any collision where a motorist strikes their head could result in a brain injury. This is especially common in motorcycle crashes, which is why it is crucial to wear a helmet. Additionally, penetrating brain injuries are often caused due to shootings or construction site hazards.

No matter how a traumatic brain injury happened, a Katy lawyer might be able to help.

Compensation in Brain Injury Cases

A successful traumatic brain injury case could lead to various forms of financial compensation. The monetary awards could cover an injured person’s physical, emotional, and financial hardships caused by their brain injury.

Lost Wages

A traumatic brain injury can keep you from returning to work—sometimes permanently. For many people, the primary goal of a personal injury case is to cover the wages they lost during their recovery. If a TBI has reduced or eliminated your ability to earn a living, you may be entitled to collect these damages.

Medical Bills

Many brain injury victims require expensive ongoing medical care. Recovering the cost of this care can be a primary part of a personal injury claim.

Pain and Suffering

Due to the brain’s complex response to injury, chronic pain often results from traumatic brain injuries. It is possible to recover compensation based on this pain and suffering.

Call a Katy Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Right Away

If you face the challenge of living with a traumatic brain injury, do not suffer in silence. With the support of a Katy traumatic brain injury lawyer, you could secure the financial compensation you deserve. Reach out today to learn more about how to file a successful civil lawsuit for a TBI.

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