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Katy Construction-Refinery Accident Lawyer

Many residents in the Katy area earn a living at oil and gas refineries and facilities. Texas is the home base for many of the highest-producing and most prominent oil refineries in the United States. Those companies employ thousands of workers throughout the state and surrounding areas.

While refinery construction jobs can be lucrative, they are also dangerous, and workers deal with countless hazards daily. When work-related accidents and injuries occur because these massive companies fail to follow safety procedures, they must cover the cost of damages. Call a Katy construction-refinery accident lawyer if you need legal help after an accident on the job.

Recovering Compensation After a Construction-Refinery Accident

Unlike most other states, Texas laws do not currently require most private organizations to offer employees workers’ compensation benefits. Therefore, after a refinery accident and injuries, the method to recover damages and losses varies depending on whether they opt to provide coverage. If so, the policy will cover medical coverage and disability payments.

When companies do not offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage, team members have the right to file a lawsuit to collect compensation in civil court. Like any other personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must show they suffered damages due to negligence. However, Texas regulations prevent companies from asserting certain defenses that would be available to them outside of a workplace like a refinery.

Third-Party Civil Actions

There are also options to file a suit against third-party companies, such as machinery makers, if a defect caused the accident to occur. A Katy construction-refinery accident attorney could review the complete list of options and answer specific questions after reviewing the case.

Federal Safety Laws and Regulations for Construction and Refinery Workplaces

The construction-refinery industry presents numerous risks to workers, and corporation owners must adhere to federal safety legislation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations guidelines. The agency and personnel have the authority to enforce safety standards and regulations by conducting inspections and issuing fines and citations for those out of compliance.

Refinery accidents, such as explosions and exposure to hazardous chemicals, put workers at significant risk of accidents or fatal injuries. Therefore, OSHA requires all employers to follow standard safety procedures and provide workers with a safe and hazard-free work environment.

OSHA Construction-Refinery Safety Standards

OSHA provides organizations with safety standards and preventative measures that employers and workers must understand and adhere to while on the job. According to the protocol, instructions, and recommendations provided by the United States Department of Labor and OSHA, employers must comply with guidelines as required by law. The federal agencies strictly enforce safety standards, including the following:

  • Maintaining all machinery, including tools and equipment, with regular maintenance, repairs, and replacement when necessary
  • Providing refinery workers with standard safety gear, equipment, and tools that meet federal regulation guidelines
  • Ensuring all workers understand safety methods, and receive regular and ongoing safety training
  • Employers must protect workers, and warn them of risks and hazards in the workplace

Businesses must promptly notify OSHA when refinery accidents occur, such as fires or explosions, resulting in fatalities or with three or more workers sustaining injuries. A Construction-refinery accident lawyer in Katy could investigate further, collect and review the evidence, and determine the cause of the accident, as well as determine if there was regulatory compliance.

Schedule a Meeting With a Katy Construction-Refinery Accident Attorney

History shows that many construction-refinery accidents are catastrophic, leaving workers with severe burns or brain damage, and can lead to permanent disabilities and death. Refinery managers must protect workers and follow federal and state regulations to prevent dangerous situations.

When employers fail to comply with safety laws and statutes, you have the right to hold them accountable. Call a hard-working Katy construction-refinery accident lawyer from Schechter, Shaffer & Harris if you sustained injuries and losses on the job.

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