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Katy Work Accident Lawyer

All people deserve the right to work at a job that does not place them at an unreasonable risk of harm. At the same time, accidents do occur that jeopardize your physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to support your family. The law in Texas does not require an employer to retain a workers’ compensation insurance plan. This means that your employer may be directly liable for injuries that result from incidents that occur while on the job.

A Katy work accident lawyer wants to help protect your legal rights after workplace injuries. Our detail-oriented personal injury attorneys are prepared to evaluate whether your employer has workers’ compensation insurance; and if not, they can build powerful cases that hold those employers liable for their failure to keep you safe.

Types of Work Accidents

Some of the most common incidents that occur in the workplace are as follows:

  • Tripping incidents
  • Falling merchandise
  • Repetitive motion or overexertion injuries
  • Chemical exposure and serious burns
  • TBIs or spinal cord damage
  • Amputated limbs or loss of hearing/eyesight
  • Accidental death

Anyone in Pattison or Pittsville who endured one of these events at work should consult a Katy attorney right away.

State Law and Workers’ Compensation

Most employers retain some form of workers’ compensation policy. These policies function as a shield that prevents employers from being directly liable for workplace injuries and illnesses that affect their employees.

However, Katy is in a state that does not require employers to obtain this protection. In fact, Texas Labor Code § 406.002 says that any workplace that is not in the public sector has the choice to forgo workers’ compensation insurance protection. This means that a workplace could be directly liable for incidents that occur on the jobsite, in the office, or even while on the road if driving is a part of a worker’s duties.

A Katy work accident attorney is ready to evaluate a jobsite’s current insurance situation. If they do not have coverage, an attorney could build demands for fair compensation, even in situations where an accident was a worker’s own fault.

Seeking Out Fair Payments for Injured or Ill Workers

Lawsuits and settlement demands for workplace injuries can seek out compensation for the full extent of a worker’s losses. This contrasts with workers’ compensation claims that can only demand payments for medical care and a portion of a person’s lost wages.

As a result, a crucial part of any work injury case is determining the full impact of the event on a person’s life. A work accident lawyer in Katy must gather key evidence, including:

  • Medical bills and records
  • Therapy notes and rehabilitation records
  • Information from an employer about time missed on the job
  • Reports of economists that speak as to how an injury impacts a person’s future earning capacity

In short, a workplace that allows an incident to occur is liable for all resulting losses, regardless of who was to blame for the event. However, this does not mean that compensation is a given. Employers may argue that an injury was the result of horseplay that falls outside the scope of work duties. They could also allege that a worker was off the clock when the injury occurred.

A Fulshear work injury lawyer looks to show that an incident occurred during the course of a person’s normal work duties. They must also act quickly: Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 may give people as short a time as two years after an injury to file for compensation.

Reach Out to a Katy Work Accident Attorney Today

Employers and supervisors have an obligation under the law to provide a safe setting to their employees. However, even the safest locations can still result in a person suffering an injury as a consequence of poor management and oversight. If your employer has chosen to avoid obtaining a workers’ compensation insurance plan, you may be able to hold them directly liable for your losses that result from a workplace injury or illness.

A Katy work accident lawyer from Schechter Shaffer & Harris is ready to help pursue those payments on your behalf. Contact an attorney now to learn more about how we may assist you.

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