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Katy Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Individuals who have suffered personal injuries after being hit by a car might find themselves to be angry and confused. They may not know where to turn to pay for their medical bills or how to demand compensation for their pain or suffering. Even if they know that a defendant may be at-fault for the accident and liable to pay, they might lack the knowledge or time to pursue the personal injury claim against aggressive insurance companies.

A Katy pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to fight on your behalf. They could protect your legal rights while doing everything in their power to collect the payments that you need to address your medical bills.

Laws That Protect Pedestrians

Getting behind the wheel of a car places a legal burden on a driver. Not only do these people have an obligation to follow the rules of the road, but they must also be sure not to place any other person at an unreasonable risk of danger.

The obligations create a legal duty that all drivers must follow. They need to act in a way that protects not only other people in cars and trucks, but also pedestrians who may be walking in an area that is vulnerable to poor driving. Examples can include crosswalks, sidewalks near the edge of the road, and people walking in parking lots and garages. As a result, this duty applies anytime that a person gets behind the wheel, and a Katy pedestrian accident attorney could help establish this duty when making a claim for damages.

Proving Fault for a Pedestrian Injury

It is the responsibility of injured parties to prove that a defendant’s failure to provide protection caused their injuries. This usually requires showing that the defendant was being negligent. A Katy pedestrian accident attorney could accomplish this by showing that a defendant received a ticket in Fulshear or Pittsville for poor driving or by alleging that the defendant’s simple carelessness resulted in a collision.

However, plaintiffs need to remain aware of the state’s law concerning modified comparative negligence. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code § 33.003, defendants can attempt to lessen their fault for a crash by alleging that a pedestrian contributed to the incident as well. For example, a defendant may state that a plaintiff was not using a proper crosswalk or that they entered the road from between parked cars.

If a jury believes this defense, that jury may reduce or even prevent an award for compensation. A pedestrian injury lawyer could help demonstrate that a defendant was the only party responsible for the collision.

Work with a Katy Pedestrian Accident Attorney

It is understandable for you to be intimidated after a collision with a vehicle in Pattison while you were on foot. While you are working on making your recovery and getting your life back in order, the defendant’s insurance company is pressing you for an official statement or even alleging that you were responsible for the incident. When this happens, you need help that can assist you in collecting the compensation necessary to set things right.

A Katy pedestrian accident lawyer stands ready to fight for you. They could explain your rights under the law and why the actions of a defendant driver may have violated those rights. It is important to have someone in your corner who understands the law and how to fight for the best possible compensation. In many cases, you could get a settlement without ever going to court. Contact the team at Schechter Shaffer & Harris today to get started.

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