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Katy Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Making the choice to ride a bicycle on Katy’s roads and streets comes with many benefits. Riders can travel for a minimal cost while preserving the environment and getting some exercise. Unfortunately, these benefits often come with a cost. Drivers often fail to give these travelers the respect that they deserve while on the road, which results in a high rate of accidents that can result in life-altering injuries.

A Katy bicycle accident lawyer could build persuasive negligence cases against liable defendants. An experienced personal injury attorney gathers evidence from the scene of the collision, follows up on the outcome of any traffic court cases, and helps injured individuals measure their losses to determine the fairness of any settlement offers.

Interactions Between Bike Riders and Drivers

Adjustments to traffic flow patterns throughout the state have changed the ways that bike riders and drivers of motor vehicles interact with each other. The addition of bike lanes in many cities and towns has added legitimacy to the rights of bike riders already enshrined in law.

Bike riders enjoy the same rights on the road as all other travelers. These rights mandate that drivers must take appropriate steps to not place these riders at an unreasonable risk of harm. This includes yielding when required, signaling before making turns, and allowing people on foot with bicycles the proper use of crosswalks.

However, with these protections come responsibilities. A biker rider who is on the road or street must also follow the relevant rules of the road. A bicyclist in Fulshear who fails to yield or who tailgates a driver may share blame for a collision. This is especially important considering the rule of modified comparative negligence. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code § 33.003, courts must assign blame to all parties involved in an accident. If that court believes a bike rider to be more than half to blame for a collision, that court must dismiss the claim. A Katy bicycle accident attorney could help to explain the legal duties that exist between bike riders and drivers.

Helping Injured Riders Collect Proper Compensation

It is easy to imagine how a collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle can result in devastating consequences. Bike riders have little protection from the forces of impact, and even a relatively minor tap can send them falling to the ground. Common examples of physical injuries that can result from bike accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Friction burns from sliding on pavement
  • Traumatic brain injuries

As severe as these bicycle injuries may be, they are not the only source of compensation that a plaintiff may pursue. Most physical injuries come with a component of pain. This pain and suffering is just one of many components that may lower a person’s quality of life following an accident.

Additionally, plaintiffs may demand reimbursement for all lost wages connected to the incident. The goal of the claim is to place the plaintiff in the same position that they would have been in had the collision never occurred. A bicycle accident lawyer in Katy could work with a plaintiff in the Pittsville area to pursue the damages that give them the best chance to move on with their lives.

Contact a Katy Bicycle Accident Attorney Today to Protect Your Rights

Every person who travels on Katy’s roads enjoys protection under the law. Sadly, either due to distracted driving, a failure to follow the rules of the road, or a lack of respect for bike riders, drivers often fail in this duty.

The resulting negligence can cause accidents that inflict severe injuries. Working with a Katy bicycle accident lawyer could improve your chances of obtaining these payments by measuring your losses and demanding fair payments in settlement negotiations. Contact our team today to learn more.

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