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Katy Drug Recall Lawyer  

Many people trust that the prescription drugs they take have been meticulously formulated and are safe. They are confident about drug safety because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. Once a drug is approved, the FDA monitors it by collecting patient feedback.

Yet sometimes, a pharmaceutical company does not test a large enough sample in clinical trials, and severe side effects are unknown until thousands of patients take the drug. Sometimes, data is falsified to skirt expensive clinical trials. When drugs are deemed dangerous, the FDA can recall them, or the manufacturer can voluntarily recall them. If you are taking a pharmaceutical drug that has been taken off the market and have experienced severe side effects that warrant a personal injury lawsuit, calling a Katy drug recall lawyer should be your first priority

The Mechanics of a Drug Recall

The FDA encourages pharmaceutical companies to recall drugs that may be dangerous to consumers. The FDA supervises the recall and ensures the manufacturer’s actions are good policy. A Stericycle Expert Solutions Report lists faulty manufacturing as the top reason for drug recalls, but others include:

  • Poor drug quality
  • Problematic labeling, such as failing to warn about side effects
  • The drug is contaminated with foreign material
  • The entire manufacturing process is contaminated

The FDA separates recalls into three classes, depending on the severity of the health problems discovered. A Class I recall refers to pharmaceuticals with a high probability of severe health issues or death. Class II recalls target drugs that could cause a temporary health problem with a slight chance of a serious one. The FDA issues Class III recalls for drugs unlikely to cause harm, but that violate manufacturing or labeling standards. Patients experiencing adverse effects from recalled pharmaceuticals should contact a Katy drug recall attorney to discuss legal solutions.

How Does a Consumer Know a Drug is Recalled?

Once a manufacturer (or, less often, the FDA) decides to recall a drug, the FDA posts safety alerts and updates on its website. If a drug poses a severe hazard, patients prescribed it will be notified using records from pharmacies, the manufacturer, and the patient’s physician. The FDA has a list on its website of recent recalls.

Holding a Drug Manufacturer Liable

Patients in the Fulshear or Pattison area who were harmed by a dangerous drug that is recalled may have grounds for a lawsuit based on negligence, strict liability, or failure to warn of a product’s danger. A dangerous drug lawyer in Katy could provide insight as to which type of lawsuit will be relevant to a particular case.

Negligence actions require plaintiffs to prove the manufacturer or another agent in the chain of commerce acted below acceptable standards by offering the drug in the market. Plaintiffs who rely on the drug’s safety but are still injured may be eligible for damages awards.

Plaintiffs under strict liability laws do not need to prove the defendant acted irresponsibly, but the plaintiff must be using the drug as it was intended and cannot have altered it or purchased it outside the original chain of commerce.

Learn More from a Katy Drug Recall Attorney

Although many drugs have side effects, it may be worth it to continue taking the medication if the benefits outweigh the problems of the side effects. But if the drug causes severe harm and is recalled, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Always ask your doctor before stopping any medication – and then call us. Our Katy drug recall lawyers know how to fight to get you compensated when a manufacturer fails to provide the safe product you expect.

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