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Baytown Dock Worker Accident Lawyer

Baytown is home to numerous loading docks that service commercial trucks and ships delivering goods to the area. Dock workers typically load and unload these vessels. While precautions are taken to ensure safety, dangerous accidents can seriously injure employees.

When you were harmed working on a loading dock, the law provides compensation for injuries sustained during your employment. Although Texas does not require companies to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, you may still be able to file a third-party negligence claim against those responsible.

Discuss your injuries with a seasoned Baytown dock worker accident lawyer to determine if you have a case. Our knowledgeable maritime accident attorneys, with their extensive experience, could provide you with sound legal advice on the next steps to take.

Dock Worker Injuries

Dock workers are exposed to several risks on the job; they could encounter inclement weather conditions, unsafe practices, and hazardous or faulty equipment. The vast majority of injuries that occur in warehouses and similar locations take place on the loading dock. Some of the most common accidents include:

  • Loading and lifting injuries
  • Slip and falls
  • Forklift accidents
  • Falling into the water
  • Fires or explosions
  • Exposure to chemicals or other hazardous substances

Given the dangerous nature of dock work, those who are hurt on the job can suffer a range of injuries, such as broken bones, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis. Treating these may result in costly medical care and time out of work, which the injured person may be unprepared for. An experienced dock worker accident attorney in Baytown could help establish a solid case for compensation.

Legal Options for Injured Dock Workers

Texas is one of few states that does not require companies to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. However, dock workers are often covered under the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), a federal law that can provide benefits to injured workers.

In some instances, injured workers may have a claim against their employer or a third party for negligence. For example, companies must adhere to strict regulations when loading and unloading goods in warehouses or shipyards. Companies that fail to adhere to OSHA’s loading requirements put dock workers at risk and expose themselves to legal liability.

Injured dock workers can sue their employer for negligence due to careless business practices. Workers may also have a claim under product liability if defective equipment caused their injury. Be sure to consult a Baytown injury lawyer for legal support in determining available options in a dock injury case.

Hire a Baytown Dock Worker Accident Attorney Today

Third-party claims can be complex, and with dock worker injuries, specific federal and maritime laws apply. When you have been injured while loading or unloading merchandise, your best chance at compensation is by hiring an experienced Baytown dock worker accident lawyer.

Our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys has a proven track record in representing countless workers and seamen in injury claims. We are well-versed in the specific federal and maritime laws that apply to these cases and could review your situation to determine if you have a claim against your employer or another third party for negligence. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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