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Baytown Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Aside from a fatal injury, paralysis is arguably the single most devastating outcome that an accident can have, especially when it is due to someone else’s misconduct. If you have recently suffered this unique type of severe injury, you know money alone cannot make up for the harm you have sustained. With that in mind, you may be hesitant to add civil litigation to your plate right now.

While it is understandable to feel that way, you deserve to be reimbursed as much as possible for the financial and personal loss this damage has caused. A qualified catastrophic harm attorney can help you pursue the compensation you need. From beginning to end of the litigation process, a seasoned Baytown paralysis injury lawyer could work to protect your rights and help you navigate legal and procedural obstacles toward a favorable resolution.

What Could a Person with Paralysis Seek Civil Recovery For?

Personal injury litigation aims to restore a person to their pre-accident condition by reimbursing for economic and non-economic consequences. Since this is not possible with permanent and debilitating injuries, the goal of a paralysis injury lawsuit is to cover as many injury-related damages as possible to maximize the injured person’s overall quality of life moving forward.

In practice, claims like this tend to center mainly around future damages expected to manifest rather than past losses that have already happened when the legal process begins. In addition to emergency medical expenses and personal property damage, a skilled Baytown paralysis injury attorney can help estimate a fair value and seek restitution for things like lost working and earning capacity, long-term medical and rehabilitative care, and various physical and psychological suffering.

Getting Around Obstacles to Effective Civil Recovery

Legal counsel can help ensure that the rules and regulations placed on civil litigation by Texas state law do not unfairly prevent an injured person from getting paid what they deserve. For instance, a qualified lawyer could help build and file a claim over a paralyzing accident in Baytown well before the two-year deadline set by the statute of limitations. This statute applies equally to people who suffer short-term injuries and those who have become permanently disabled through someone else’s negligence.

In addition, a legal professional can help contest allegations made by the defendant(s) being sued that the plaintiff is partially at fault for causing their injuries through their own negligent behavior. Otherwise, the modified comparative fault system outlined in Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §  33.001 through 33.017 would allow a court to reduce the total compensation awarded to the plaintiff or bar recovery altogether based on the percentage of total fault they hold for their accident.

Call and Learn How a Baytown Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

Whether it stems from spinal cord trauma, a severe brain injury, or localized nerve damage, paralysis is going to be life-altering in personal and professional terms. Money alone cannot erase the harm done to you, but it can do a lot to mitigate the worst effects of an injury and help you live the best life possible.

Guidance from an experienced Baytown paralysis injury lawyer can boost your chances of securing a positive result and obtaining the restitution you deserve. Call today to learn more.

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