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Pasadena Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs make wonderful pets and companions, and also serve an important purpose as livestock guardians. However, even the best dog will bite under certain circumstances. In those instances, it may benefit you to call a seasoned personal injury attorney.

When you suffer a dog bite injury, the dog’s owner could owe you compensation. Consult a Pasadena dog bite lawyer to find out whether you have a valid claim against the dog’s owner.

Dogs Can Inflict Serious Injuries

Dogs can injure someone in various ways. Bites and nips are common, but someone could be injured if a dog knocked them over, scratched them with their nails, or collided with them. Not all dog-inflicted injuries result from attacks; someone could get hurt when greeting or playing with the dog if the animal jumps or gets over-stimulated.

Dogs can inflict serious injuries, especially when they attack children. Common injuries include wounds and deep bruising to the hands, lower arms, and face. Children are especially susceptible to facial injuries, and in severe attacks, a victim could lose an eye, ear, or other facial feature. Dogs can crush bones, damage tendons, and cause nerve damage. Injured individuals often suffer severe and lingering psychological damage.

Anyone who suffers a bite must report it to Pasadena Animal Control. People are sometimes reluctant to make the report, especially if the dog belongs to a friend, family member, or neighbor. A Pasadena attorney could make the dog bite report on a victim’s behalf if they are hesitant about doing so.

Owner Liability for Dog Bites

Many states have laws making a dog owner strictly liable for the damage their dog causes, but there is no similar law in Texas. This state follows the traditional rule that an owner is liable only if they know the dog had aggressive tendencies. This is called the “one bite rule” because the owner might not know their dog is aggressive until it bites someone.

However, owners can also be liable under a negligence theory. A negligent dog owner is one who does not take reasonable care to protect others from injury. A Pasadena attorney could demonstrate an owner’s negligence by showing that they did not train the dog, did not control or supervise it when others were present, or they neglected the animal..

Disobeying the law is also evidence of negligence. The Pasadena Code of Ordinances § 6-30 requires dog owners to keep their animals secured behind a fence or on a leash at all times. If a dog was running loose when it caused an injury, or on a leash but the handler could not control it, the owner could be responsible for paying compensation to the injured person.

Damages Available in Dog-Inflicted Injury Cases

The compensation an injured person receives from an injury claim is called their damages. Dog attack victims are entitled to damages for their economic and non-economic losses.

Economic damages have a fixed value and claimants must prove them through receipts, tax returns, invoices, bank statements, and similar documentation. An injured person could receive economic damages to cover their medical expenses, lost or damaged property, missed time at work, and incidental costs of their injuries.

Non-economic losses do not have a set value and may include compensation for physical pain, scarring, emotional trauma, and other factors that impact the injured person’s quality of life. A dog attack attorney in Pasadena, TX could present photographs, medical records, and statements from the injured person and their close associates to demonstrate their non-economic damages.

Contact a Pasadena Attorney When a Dog Injures You or Your Child

Any confrontation with a dog could lead to injuries, even when the dog did not intend to threaten or harm anyone. An owner could be liable even when an excited dog hurts someone accidentally.

Talk to a Pasadena dog bite lawyer about your legal options. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could advise whether there is sufficient evidence of prior knowledge or negligence to bring legal action. Reach out today for a free consult.

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