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Pasadena Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial truck drivers transport millions of pounds of manufactured goods and raw materials around Texas every single day, and the vast majority of these trips go by without incident. Unfortunately, not every truck driver is as careful while driving as they should be, and that occasionally leads to traffic collisions that have devastating repercussions for multiple other people involved.

If a truck driver or trucking company’s misconduct has left you dealing with serious physical injuries and personal losses in La Porte, discussing your legal options with a Pasadena truck accident lawyer is the safest option for you. Holding a negligent person legally liable for the consequences of their actions can be complex under any circumstances, and doing so after a severe truck wreck can be difficult without a qualified personal injury attorney’s support.

Recovering for All Available Truck Accident Damages

The fact that fully loaded tractor-trailers can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds means that they almost always cause catastrophic damage when they collide with smaller commuter cars. It is all too common for truck accident victims to sustain life-altering and permanent injuries like spinal cord damage or limb amputation. Even comparatively “minor” injuries like bone fractures and soft-tissue injuries can still be expensive to treat and result in a host of other losses.

Demanding comprehensive civil compensation for the effects of injuries that are this severe means accounting for both present and future damages, including:

  • Emergency medical expenses, plus costs of future rehabilitative care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses like home modifications to account for a disability
  • Lost working capacity and/or work income
  • Personal property damage, including car replacement costs and associated fees
  • Physical and mental suffering, including psychological trauma like PTSD
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

An experienced Pasadena truck accident attorney could provide custom-tailored guidance about exactly what losses could and should be factored into a specific claim, as well as what amount of money each individual loss is likely worth in Galena Park.

Who Could Bear Fault for a Pasadena Truck Wreck?

Just like anyone who drives a personal vehicle in a reckless, careless, and/or illegal way, a truck driver who causes a crash by violating a traffic law or being distracted behind the wheel could be held liable in any civil claim for losses stemming from that incident. However, given the severity of damages that truck wrecks often cause, individual truckers often do not have the financial resources to cover all losses sustained by an injured person.

Fortunately, it is often possible to hold the company who hired and employed a negligent trucker vicariously liable for their employee’s misconduct. A trucking company could also be held directly liable for their own misconduct as an entity—for example, forcing employees to stay on the road longer than federal trucking regulations allow.

Other parties that a truck accident lawyer in Pasadena could potentially help pursue litigation against include mechanics who provided subpar service to a semi-truck, manufacturers who provided faulty truck components, suppliers who loaded a truck unsafely, or even another driver who forced a trucker into an unavoidable accident.

Get in Touch with a Pasadena Truck Accident Attorney Today

Semi-truck accidents often have life-changing consequences, and recovering for such grave losses can be challenging for any injured person to manage alone. You do not have to pursue your case and protect your rights by yourself in South Houston if you seek support from capable legal counsel.

A Pasadena truck accident lawyer could be your ally throughout each stage of your claim for civil compensation. Call today for a consultation.

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