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Pasadena Boat Accident Lawyer

Because of their proximity to rivers, bays, and bayous, many Pasadena residents enjoy participating in water activities on boats, ferries, jet skis, cruises, and charter ships. Unfortunately, adverse weather events and the negligent actions of others can cause passengers, operators, and others to suffer serious injuries. If you experienced a concussion, nearly drowned, broke a bone, or endured another type of injury while on a marine vessel, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties.

Many people in this position choose to work with a Pasadena boat accident lawyer they trust. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys have unparalleled knowledge of the laws at play in cases like these. We understand the legal system, what it takes to maximize the plaintiff’s likelihood of recovering compensation, and how to negotiate a fair deal.

Causes of Recreational Boat Crashes

Many factors can combine to lead to a marine accident. For example, if the passengers are intoxicated, they may trip and fall on the deck or make careless mistakes that threaten their safety. Likewise, if passengers do not wear life vests or follow the proper safety procedures, they may risk drowning or being pulled under the water if they fall overboard or the boat sinks.

Distracted or inexperienced boat operators can also be the cause of a crash: if the captain or crew does not have the required training or licensing to work the vessel, they may make serious mistakes that they could have avoided. Finally, adverse weather, like storms and high winds, can create dangerous conditions for vessels that venture out.

Boat crash attorneys who work in Pasadena advocate for those who fall victim to the careless actions of others. They take important steps to protect victims’ rights, such as requesting critical evidence and preparing legal documents. Lawyers also shape a strong case against the at-fault party and present these arguments in court or during negotiations.

Filing a Lawsuit Because of a Boating Wreck

Injured individuals may be able to bring a case against the person, company, or manufacturer who caused the accident. What a person needs to prove to have a valid legal claim depends on their specific allegations. Additionally, the context of the accident determines whether state, federal, or local laws apply.

Plaintiffs also need to take legal action before the applicable deadline expires. For example, under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, someone bringing a boat crash lawsuit based on state personal injury law may have two years to file suit. In contrast, someone submitting a product liability action against the company that manufactured or sold the vessel may have 15 years from when they purchased it to file a product liability claim.

Pasadena lawyers who handle boating accident cases are familiar with the many laws that may be at play in these situations. They can perform the necessary research to determine the deadline and what they need to establish to have a valid claim.

Call a Boat Crash Attorney in Pasadena for Legal Help

If someone caused you to get hurt while you were on or near the water, taking action to hold them financially accountable may be appropriate. Filing a lawsuit can enable you to speak your truth and seek damages to cover your lost income, healthcare expenses, and pain and suffering. It is important to work with a reputable attorney who can help.

Our law firm is committed to helping those injured engaging in professional or recreational activities on the water. We understand the difficulties many people face in these situations and are here to help them fight for every cent they deserve under the law. Contact a Pasadena boat accident lawyer on our team to schedule a free consultation.

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