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Missouri City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

People who love motorcycles are usually aware of the danger but find the benefits of motorcycle riding worth the risk. Most motorcyclists are cautious and responsible, but many drivers of enclosed vehicles are not. The result can be a major collision.

Anyone injured in a motorcycle accident should contact a respected personal injury attorney immediately. You need a strong advocate to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve because many people and most insurance companies harbor prejudice against motorcycle riders.

A Missouri City motorcycle accident lawyer understands how to combat that prejudice and prove a rider did not cause the accident. Call immediately after the incident to ensure the people responsible for the incident are held accountable.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries, especially when an accident happens at speed. Protective clothing and a helmet are helpful but cannot prevent serious damage from a forceful collision.

Unique forces shape every accident, but some injuries are typical in motorcycle accidents. Injured motorcyclists often sustain the following injuries:

  • Road rash, the common term for abrasions and cuts to the skin resulting from being dragged along rough pavement
  • Soft tissue injuries of the shoulder, neck, back, and ankles
  • Fractures and dislocations, especially complex fractures of the lower leg
  • Burns from contact with the motorcycle’s exhaust pipe
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Severe facial injuries that lead to disfigurement and blindness
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Factors like the speed, road surface, and whether the rider was wearing a helmet can influence the type and severity of motorcycle accident injuries.

Motorcycle accident survivors require significant medical intervention and often spend weeks, months, or even longer undergoing rehabilitation. The expense can be enormous and leave the rider with substantial medical debt. A Missouri City attorney could help an injured motorcycle rider and their family calculate their losses and demand the parties responsible for the accident provide appropriate compensation.

Obeying Motorcycle Law Preserves the Right to Compensation

Motorcycle operators must obey all the traffic laws that apply to passenger vehicles and some others that apply only to motorcycle operators. Violating any applicable traffic law is evidence of negligence and could limit the amount of compensation an injured biker collects. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.003 requires a court to reduce an injured person’s compensation by a percentage that reflects their degree of fault.

Riders under 21 must wear a helmet, but riders who have turned 21 may choose not to wear a helmet if they complete a motorcycle safety course and have health insurance that will cover them in a crash. However, helmets are proven to reduce the severity of head injuries and an attorney would recommend always wearing one, to preserve the rider’s health and for legal reasons. A jury could consider a rider who opted not to wear a helmet as partially responsible for their injuries.

Lane splitting, sometimes called lane filtering, is when a motorcycle passes between two vehicles in adjacent lanes. This practice is illegal in Texas. Motorcycles are entitled to occupy an entire lane and a driver who crowds or infringes on a motorcyclist’s right to adequate space is negligent.

Pursuing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Someone injured in a motorcycle accident should contact a Missouri City attorney right away. The legal professional could begin investigating the incident and build a robust case for compensation.

Texas law gives injured people two years to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their injuries, but it is unwise to delay seeking legal advice until the deadline nears. Insurance companies are less likely to negotiate in good faith when the likelihood of a successful lawsuit is low.

Insurers often contact an injured person soon after an accident to offer a quick settlement in return for a promise not to sue. These offers typically represent a fraction of the injured biker’s actual damages. Having legal representation protects an injured motorcyclist from making admissions that might weaken their case for compensation, and at the same time, it signals that the rider intends to vigorously pursue their rights.

Consult a Missouri City Attorney to Get Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can cause devastating injuries that leave you physically, emotionally, and financially drained. You should not have to face an uncertain future without support and compensation.

A Missouri City motorcycle accident could fight for your right to receive maximum compensation for the financial and non-economic impacts of the accident. Call today to discuss your situation with a seasoned attorney from our law firm.

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