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Missouri City Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

People take all sorts of medications regularly to address their short-term sicknesses or manage their chronic medical conditions. Usually, these medications work as they are intended and offer some benefit to the user without causing them any significant problems. Unfortunately, instead of helping alleviate their medical concerns, sometimes unsafe medications cause extensive harm to unsuspecting consumers.

If you suspect that a dangerous medication harmed your loved one’s or your own health, you might have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation. A dedicated Missouri City dangerous drugs lawyer could guide you through the legal process.

How to Pursue Different Types of Claims Against a Drug Manufacturer

Lawsuits against drug companies can take different forms.

If a pharmaceutical company sells a defective drug that harms a consumer, the company could be liable for the consumer’s damages. The injured consumer could pursue a single claim against the manufacturer. However, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are large multinational corporations with extensive resources to fight legal claims. These companies work with defense attorneys and insurers who do their best to deny liability, pin the blame on the consumer, or minimize their payments by undervaluing or minimizing the extent of harm that a consumer suffered from the drug.

Class Action Lawsuit

Because of the drug company’s resources, the best way for a consumer to obtain the damages they deserve is often to join in on a class action lawsuit. Class action litigation allows people who suffer similar harm from the same medication to join together to demand restitution.

A seasoned Missouri City drug liability attorney could use their knowledge and experience to review the facts of a claim to see whether filing a single lawsuit or joining in a class action claim is the best method.

Grounds for Pursuing a Lawsuit Against a Pharmaceutical Company

All pharmaceutical manufacturers have a duty to consumers to produce safe drugs. To ensure their proposed new medications are safe and effective, they need to test them to see if they work and to see if they cause any negative effects. Drug companies need to disclose any known effects of their new drugs before releasing them to the public.

However, drug companies are usually for-profit organizations. They might prioritize making a big profit over ensuring their drug’s safety, which could lead to an unsafe drug making its way into a consumer’s hands. Some of the mistakes made by drug companies include the following:

  • Not testing a wide enough sampling of the population
  • Not performing testing for a long enough time, resulting in a premature release of a drug before knowing all its possible side effects
  • Deliberate withholding of information about known side effects and negative counteractions with other medications
  • Contamination or other problems during the manufacturing process

An experienced Missouri City attorney could perform a detailed investigation of the facts of a dangerous drug incident to see if the injured consumer might have legal grounds to sue. They have the skills to understand and interpret complex drug manufacturing protocols in order to determine if the company complied with the federal and state guidelines.

Let a Missouri City Dangerous Drugs Attorney Assist You in a Claim

When you take medication to treat your medical condition, it should make you feel better. Unfortunately, some drugs make people sicker. If you experienced dangerous side effects after taking a drug, you might be able to sue the manufacturer of the medication.

Let a Missouri City dangerous drugs lawyer help you navigate a legal claim for accountability and reasonable compensation for what you have suffered. Call for a free consultation.

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