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Missouri City Car Accident Lawyer

At their worst, car wrecks can be life-altering or even deadly, with many people suffering severe physical, emotional, or mental injuries. The law allows you to recover compensation from the responsible party for those losses – and it is best to do so with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Texas requires all drivers to carry liability insurance coverage. However, the required limits are relatively low — $30,000 per injured person, for up to two wounded people, for a total of $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. Plus, many drivers lack the required insurance. That means you may seek recovery from a defendant’s insurance company, the defendant personally, and their own insurance companies. A Missouri City car accident lawyer helps you choose which claims to file.

The Role of Insurance Companies in Auto Accidents

In most car wrecks, the injured party will seek compensation from at least one insurance company. In an ideal world, insurers would offer fair settlements for injuries. However, insurance companies are for-profit businesses and their goal is to settle claims for the lowest possible amount.

That amount may be enough for minor accidents to pay for property damage and any injuries. However, the settlement offer may not cover future medical expenses for catastrophic accidents, much less compensate a person for pain and suffering, or other non-economic damages.

On top of that, insurance companies have experience negotiating settlements and may have numerous lawyers at their disposal. Hiring a car accident lawyer in Missouri City helps even the playing field.

Role of an Attorney After a Car Crash

An attorney could help an injured motorist in several ways. First, they can help the plaintiff properly value their damages. For severe injuries, like brain injury or paralysis, most people have no idea what the lifelong medical expenses will be. They may also be unable to determine the value of lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of companionship, and other damages. An attorney knows local damage awards and settlements for similar injuries, so they can help a person value their claim.

Lawyers also play a valuable role in establishing fault. They could investigate the wreck, compiling evidence to provide a fuller picture of the accident. When the other party contests fault, a Missouri City attorney may employ an independent adjuster or accident reconstruction specialist to prove the other party’s responsibility.

Attorneys also help look for financially responsible parties. Most individual drivers do not have the personal resources to pay for significant damage awards but their insurance companies might. The plaintiff’s own insurance company may be responsible, as well.

This information places a plaintiff in a better position for negotiations and settlements. So, while many people think they should hire a Missouri City attorney to handle lawsuits related to their car accident, they could actually help a person avoid having to file suit at all.

Modified Comparative Fault for Motor Vehicle Crashes

One of a lawyer’s most significant tasks is to help establish fault. Texas uses modified comparative fault to determine financial responsibility after a car accident. Under that model, plaintiffs can recover if they are no more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. A Missouri City car wreck attorney must demonstrate that the defendant had the majority of the blame.

Furthermore, modified comparative fault impacts the damage award. The court will determine the total damages for the injuries and then reduce the total damages by the plaintiff’s percentage of the fault.

Talk to a Missouri City Car Accident Attorney Today

It is vital to consult with a lawyer before talking to an insurance company or the other party’s attorney. We will review the accident and the available evidence to give you an opinion about your claim. Our legal team may give you an estimated settlement and help you with negotiations or represent you in any lawsuits. Schedule a consultation with a Missouri City car accident lawyer to find out more.

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