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Missouri City Bus Accident Lawyer

Commercial buses provide a vital system of transportation throughout Missouri City and across the state. They also represent a significant risk of bodily injury when they collide with other motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians. When negligence leads to these accidents, a dedicated personal injury attorney might be able to help you get compensated.

If you were hurt in a bus crash and are considering legal action, it is important that you avoid any delay. The sooner you seek out help from a Missouri City bus accident lawyer, the better your chances of recovering financial compensation will be.

Who is at Fault for Bus Injuries?

Determining the party—or parties—that were responsible for a bus accident is an important early step in the personal injury process. A thorough investigation could provide legal counsel with a clear picture of what happened and who caused it. An investigation from a Missouri City public transportation injury attorney could ultimately determine the defendants that will face legal action.

The Bus Driver

The operator of these vehicles is frequently at fault when a crash occurs. While drivers are required to have special licenses, these qualifications do not guarantee a reasonable amount of care is used when they are behind the wheel. Bus operators – both for public and private vehicles – could be at fault when they drive aggressively, break the speed limit, or fail to yield the right-of-way.

Bus Companies

The companies that own these enormous vehicles are also frequently liable for accidents caused by their employees thanks to a legal theory known as vicarious liability. Under this theory, a business is on the hook for any negligent act their worker commits while within the scope of their employment. That means a plaintiff might be able to sue both the bus driver and the company.

Vehicle Manufacturers

There are also times when accidents happen despite all the involved parties driving safely. Often, these collisions are the result of defective bus parts. When a driver loses control due to issues like faulty braking systems, the damage can be devastating to passengers, occupants of other cars, and people outside. Injury victims in this scenario have an opportunity to file a lawsuit against the maker of the defective vehicle part.

How Much Time is There to File a Suit?

Every person considering a lawsuit in the aftermath of a bus crash must comply with something known as the statute of limitations. This legal deadline is one of the major pitfalls that can upend a viable claim.

Each state has some period of limitations. The purpose is to prevent plaintiffs from waiting for years before bringing legal action. Every jurisdiction is different, but in Missouri City a plaintiff has two years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit.

Failure to comply with this time limit usually means a judge will have little choice but to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice. This outcome not only ends a civil suit but prohibits a plaintiff from filing it again in the future. Without meeting the time limit to file, a person cannot recover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other important damages.

Navigating the complex rules and strict deadlines of the legal system is never easy. Thankfully, an injured person does not have to take this challenge on alone. A bus accident lawyer in Missouri City could guide them every step of the way and advocate for their case.

Call a Missouri City Bus Accident Attorney and Learn Your Options

If you sustained injuries in a bus crash, you could be facing serious health consequences that could follow you for the rest of your life, including catastrophic injuries like a TBI or paralysis You have the opportunity to seek a measure of justice by filing a lawsuit to recover a monetary award. Reach out to a Missouri City bus accident lawyer today to get started with a free case evaluation.

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