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Missouri City Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

Embarking on a cruise should be an exciting time filled with relaxation and adventure. Unfortunately, problems can arise, and things can go wrong. When unexpected accidents occur on board, you need a dedicated maritime injury attorney to guide you through the complex process.

Whether you or your family have been injured on board, legal representation is vital. A Missouri City cruise ship accident lawyer could provide zealous representation to help get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of Cruise Ship Accidents

A myriad of different things can go wrong on an ocean liner due to onboard negligence or adverse weather conditions. While an incident may or may not have been preventable, how you handle the legal process is essential in the aftermath.

Slip and Falls

Slip and falls are the most common accidents that happen onboard a ship. These incidents can occur due to spilled liquid, uneven surfaces, or lack of proper illumination. These incidents can have serious consequences, including sprains, broken bones, and even brain injuries.

Passengers Going Overboard

“Although rare, passengers or workers can fall overboard due to accidents, extreme weather, and intentional acts. When passengers go overboard, there is a high potential for fatal drownings.

Ship Collisions

Ships can collide with piers, objects in the water, and other vessels at sea. These wrecks can damage a cruise ship and cause numerous injuries to passengers and the crew.


Food poisoning and virus outbreaks are common due to the close quarters at sea. Food and water supplies must be carefully monitored and refreshed to avoid any sicknesses. When mistakes happen, those onboard are put at risk of serious illness and harm.

On-Shore Accidents

Ocean liner companies may also be held liable for supervised activities conducted off a vessel. For example, onshore incidents involving water sports, swimming pools, and diving can result in drowning. In addition, passengers may be injured during shore excursions due to transportation collisions, slip and falls, or recreational activities.

Cruise ship operators and crew have a duty of care toward their passengers to ensure everyone’s safety. Protocols, risk management, and fast emergency response times help to prevent ocean liner incidents. A Missouri City cruise lawyer could help plaintiffs work through an injury case and determine liability.

Who is Liable in a Cruise Ship Accident?

Multiple parties can be liable in a commercial boat accident. Liability is determined by analyzing the nature of an incident, the actions taken by parties, and maritime law. Multiple defendants may be named in a suit, such as the cruise line, ship operators, crew members, contractors, and even other passengers.

Based on the theory of negligence and a duty owed to the passengers, an ocean liner may be held responsible due to the negligent operation, maintenance, or management of a ship. Lack of staff training, crew shortages, failure to maintain a seaworthy boat, and inadequate safety procedures are all examples of cruise company negligence, which a Missouri City attorney could explain in more detail.

Third-Party Negligence

There are circumstances when a third-party contractor may be brought into a suit. Others may be held accountable if a cruise line contracts shore excursions, onboard services, or transportation. Additionally, passengers may be held liable if their actions result in injury or cause harm to others onboard.

When Bad Weather Causes Injuries

Liability may be limited or nonexistent when natural disasters such as storms occur. An ocean liner lawyer in Missouri City could determine if other parties are responsible in cases of adverse weather conditions.

What Laws Apply to Ocean Liner Accidents?

Cruise ship liability is governed by various maritime laws and statutes. For instance, the Jones Act is a federal law that outlines legal protections and remedies for seamen injured during their employment.

General maritime law encompasses legal doctrines such as the theory of negligence, maintenance, and unseaworthiness, which may be used to outline liability in ocean liner accidents. Other laws may apply depending on the location of the incident, the vessel’s nationality, and the citizenship of the parties.

Contact a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney in Missouri City Today

Determining liability and pursuing a case in an ocean liner injury requires a rigorous investigation of an incident and analysis of the applicable laws and statutes.

An experienced Missouri City cruise ship accident lawyer could guide you through the complex legal process to ensure you receive lawful compensation for your injuries and damages. Please call today to book a complimentary consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys.

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