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Missouri City Jones Act Lawyer

While every job comes with risks, working on a ship or offshore can be extremely dangerous. Ordinary workers’ compensation laws do not cover employees in this environment. Instead, the right to compensation falls under a federal law known as the Jones Act.

Under the Jones Act, injured maritime workers can sue their employer for negligence and recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages. When you were injured working at sea or offshore, speak with a Missouri City Jones Act lawyer about your options. Our seasoned maritime attorneys know how to handle these claims and could streamline your case to get the compensation you deserve.

Coverage Under the Jones Act

The Jones Act details certain criteria that maritime workers must meet to receive compensation following a work-related injury, including:

  • Seaman status. A maritime worker is considered a seaman if they spend 30% or more of their working hours on a vessel.
  • Employment on a qualifying vessel. The worker must be employed on a vessel in navigation, which means it is afloat, capable of moving, and engaged in maritime commerce. The vessel’s operations must also involve transporting goods or passengers on navigable waters or between ports in the United States.
  • Suffer an injury or illness covered by the Jones Act. An injured seaman can only recover for injuries or illnesses caused by the negligence of their employer, vessel owner, crew members, or equipment manufacturers. Qualifying injuries must occur within the scope of the worker’s job duties.

Employers under the Jones Act must keep the work environment reasonably safe and use proper care to maintain the vessel, but accidents happen. Seamen can suffer injuries due to inadequate maintenance, defective equipment, and other dangers on board. A Missouri City injury lawyer who understands Jones Act cases could help to establish fault against the vessel owner or other responsible parties.

Compensation Under the Jones Act

Under the Jones Act, qualifying maritime workers can recover damages for past and future medical expenses due to an injury. If they cannot work due to the accident, they can seek compensation for lost wages.

Additionally, some severe maritime injuries can force workers to change career paths, limiting their options for future work. These individuals can seek damages for their reduced earning capacity. Qualifying workers are also entitled to non-economic damages for their pain and suffering or emotional trauma.

Jones Act Verses Workers’ Comp Claims

A claim under the Jones Act differs from a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Jones Act compensation can vary from one case to another, and injured maritime workers should consult an experienced attorney before filing a claim. A Jones Act lawyer in Missouri City could work with clients to prove liability for negligence and recover damages, ensuring compliance with all legal and procedural requirements.

Speak With a Missouri City Jones Act Attorney

When you are a maritime worker who was harmed while working on a vessel, you have a right to pursue compensation under federal law. Our experienced Missouri City Jones Act lawyers know how to get results for these types of injuries.

A successful claim under this statute requires knowledge, experience, and resources. Contact our office today to learn more about your rights after being injured due to negligence while working onboard a vessel. We offer consultations at no cost to you.

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