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Macy’s Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

When you work at Macy’s as a retail worker, distribution center employee, or in another type of position, you may experience job-related injuries. Macy’s does not subscribe to workers’ compensation insurance in Texas, meaning that injured employees must file a lawsuit if they get hurt on the job. If you suffered a broken bone, sprain, concussion, crush injury, or other accident while working at Macy’s, consider teaming up with a personal injury attorney who can help.

Our firm has helped people file Macy’s work injury lawsuits in Houston and elsewhere. We understand the intricacies of these cases and how to properly support and fight for injured workers during the legal process. Our experienced non-subscriber attorneys are also skilled negotiators who are unafraid to go up against such an expansive business if it means getting our clients what they deserve.

Common Types and Causes of Work Injuries at Macy’s

Those who are employed by Macy’s may experience any number of job-related accidents. For example, someone working at the distribution center could be crushed by a poorly operated forklift or struck by boxed-up inventory that tips over. Likewise, employees might slip and fall on spilled makeup, perfume, or other slippery products.

People traveling to and from one Macy’s location to another (such as those who operate out of the distribution center) could get into car crashes that injure them. Additionally, retail workers may trip and fall because of inventory left out in the aisles. Employees could suffer various harms, such as traumatic brain injuries, fractured ribs, sprained ankles, and burns.

Because the Macy’s locations in Houston do not carry workman’s comp, injured employees must file a lawsuit to recover their losses for their job-related injuries. Attorneys assist workers by investigating their claims and determining the appropriate allegations to make in court. They could also guide negotiations with Macy’s to help the person feel heard and supported.

Filing a Lawsuit for Getting Hurt at Macy’s

In most cases, Macy’s workers injured during their shifts must bring a legal claim in court to get compensation. When taking this approach, workers should be mindful of their deadline to take legal action and the evidence they need to prove their damages. What this step looks like will change depending on the person’s particular allegations, such as personal injury, product liability, or another theory of recovery.

For example, if the injured worker is bringing a lawsuit against Houston-area Macy’s, they might need to prove the department store is at fault for the incident. One way to accomplish this is to show, for example, that Macy’s failed to properly train its employees to safely operate forklifts. The worker would also need to prove that this failure caused the incident (such as a forklift accident) that harmed them.

Many workers in the healing process may find it daunting to file this lawsuit, especially if they do not have a legal background. Lawyers in Houston assist people by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to advocate for their rights, and pursue legal damages for their harm.

Learn How a Houston Attorney Helps You File Macy’s Work Injury Lawsuits

If you work at Macy’s and were hurt while performing your duties, you may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against your employer if you can prove they made a mistake that caused your injury. Taking legal action can be a valuable tool for getting the compensation you deserve.

Our law firm could help you prepare and bring a case against Macy’s for negligently causing you harm. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris serves as your advocate. For legal help filing Macy’s work injury lawsuits in Houston, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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