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Galveston Product Liability Lawyer

When you use a new kitchen appliance, you should not have to worry that it will explode. Similarly, when you drive down the street in your new car, you should not have to fear the brakes or the airbags will fail. Consumers have the right to expect that the products they buy and use will be reasonably safe. If they are not safe, and it causes bodily harm, a tenacious personal injury attorney could work with you on a legal pursuit.

You might be eligible to pursue compensation due to the manufacturer’s negligence. A knowledgeable Galveston product liability lawyer is your representation in this difficult time.

Different Types of Product Defects

When somebody suffers an injury because they used a dangerous product, that might give rise to a product liability claim. Depending on what type of defect the product had, claimants can file suit against the product’s designer, manufacturer, or distributor.

Defective Designs

Products with defective designs are inherently unsafe. If a product has a faulty design, every product manufactured according to that flawed design would be fundamentally defective. A claimant could prevail in a legal claim if they could prove that the design caused the product to have a foreseeable risk of causing harm to a consumer during a reasonable use of the product. For example, an SUV that rolls over when it takes sharp turns is a product with an unreasonable design defect. Every SUV in that product line would have the same structural design defect.

Defective Manufacturing

Products with manufacturing defects often have safe designs but problems can occur when a manufacturer negligently deviates from the original design. Sometimes, manufacturers try to save money by using cheaper materials. While this might save the company money during the production process, it can lead to serious safety problems.

Negligence in the production process can also lead to manufacturing defects. The products can be unsafe if the worker building the product is unskilled, untrained, inexperienced, or just sloppy.

Defective Marketing

Sometimes, even relatively safe products can become unsafe when misused. Some products are complicated and manufacturers need to include operating instructions so people use them in the intended way. They also need to warn consumers of any possible risks from using their product – correctly or incorrectly.

When manufacturing a product, companies also need to prepare for reasonable misuses of their product. If a person suffered an injury while using the product in a manner that another reasonable consumer might also misuse it, that injured consumer could also pursue a legal claim.

Experienced Galveston attorneys could investigate the circumstances of a claimant’s injury to determine if the product had a defect.

Common Types of Faulty Products

Nearly every consumer item can be faulty or defective in some way. Most commonly, the following types of products lead to product liability claims:

  • Automobiles
  • Medical devices
  • Medications
  • Contaminated food
  • Industrial machinery
  • Toys or other children’s products
  • Household appliances

A dedicated team of attorneys in Galveston could represent people hurt or killed by various dangerous products. They have the experience and the practical knowledge to identify where in the production line the negligence occurred and make the case for damages.

Call a Galveston Product Liability Attorney Today

You might be eligible for legal relief if you suffered an injury while using a product but product liability cases are notoriously complex. It is critical that you choose the right Galveston product liability lawyer to work for you.

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris knows how to skillfully examine complicated manufacturing protocols. We could review what happened to you and see if you have a viable basis for a legal claim. Get in touch today to start your legal action.

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