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Galveston Bus Accident Lawyer

Due to their significant size, buses can cause extensive damage when they collide with people, objects, and other vehicles. When you have been hit by a bus or injured as a passenger, know that you may be entitled to redress for your injuries and anguish. Texas law allows an injured person to take legal action against negligent drivers who cause them physical, mental, or financial harm.

A Galveston bus accident lawyer at our office could help you prepare your case against the person or company who caused or contributed to the incident. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can look into your claim and find the most effective legal avenue to hold the driver accountable. You should focus on your recovery while we handle the legal details.

Causes of Bus Crashes

Many factors can lead to public transit automobile crashes. For example, if the driver does not have the correct safety training, they may be more likely to commit errors that cause collisions; or an avoidable mechanical failure may pave the way for a wreck because of, for example, faulty brakes or fuel line issues.

Other sources of accidents include distractions (like texting and driving) and speeding, which significantly reduce the operator’s response time. Regardless of the reason for the crash, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 may open the door for a person to recover compensation, so long as they can prove they are 50 percent or less to blame for the incident. A bus accident attorney helps people in Galveston bring lawsuits against drivers, contractors, businesses, and other at-fault parties.

How Can Someone Prove Liability for Bus Wrecks?

State law empowers eligible people to file lawsuits against those who caused them harm. What someone needs to do to establish fault depends on the type of legal claim they are bringing. What they need to do to prove a product liability action differs from a premises liability claim, for example.

Many legal theories that apply to bus crashes require the plaintiff to prove someone committed negligence and that this led to their injuries. For example, the plaintiff might need to show the driver was speeding and blew a red light, which caused the collision that gave the plaintiff a TBI. Galveston bus wreck attorneys help people gather the evidence needed to build a case against those who carry the blame.

What Compensation Can Bus Crash Plaintiffs Receive?

Under Chapter 41 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, those injured in a bus crash may be eligible for different types of financial damages. The most common of these include compensation for economic and non-economic losses. In uncommon cases of fraud, malice, or extreme negligence, crash victims may also receive exemplary (punitive) damages.

Generally speaking, economic damages reimburse people for the financial losses they experienced because of the incident. In contrast, non-economic compensation addresses the sometimes-invisible costs a person pays because of their injuries. Bus crash attorneys in Galveston Island help people estimate their losses and curate reasoned arguments to help persuade a judge or jury to decide in favor of the plaintiff.

Call a Bus Crash Attorney in Galveston

Going through a bus accident can cause lifelong physical and mental trauma, potentially forcing someone to endure sleepless nights during recovery or days filled with doctor’s appointments or bed rest. If you are in this position, consider taking a stand against those who inflicted this on you. Legal action may allow you to work toward closure and getting the compensation you deserve for your troubles.

Our personal injury firm fights for those hurt in motor vehicle crashes. We understand what needs to happen to pursue a favorable outcome and will put in the work for our clients so they can start to rebuild their lives. Contact a Galveston bus accident lawyer on our team to set up an initial consultation.

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