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Galveston Maritime Injury Lawyer

Galveston Maritime Injury Lawyer

If you work at sea, in the shipping industry, or take pleasure cruises, maritime law might have an impact on you. Maritime law is a body of rules and procedures governing injuries to people who work around boats or travel by sea. These laws are meant to do for people injured in or around ships what personal injury law does for people injured in accidents on land: obtain compensation for injuries. However, there are significant differences in how the laws operate, so having an attorney with experience in these cases is critical.

A Galveston maritime injury lawyer is trained with all aspects of the law regarding injuries to shipping industry employees and cruise passengers. If you were hurt in one of these scenarios, speak with a knowledgeable legal professional right away who represents Galveston Island, Tiki Island, and Jamaica Beach.

Injuries to Maritime Workers

People who work in land-based industries can often turn to their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage for help after a work-related injury. This coverage is not available to maritime industry workers, but other laws provide similar benefits.

Injuries to Seamen

The Jones Act is a federal law that protects seamen, who the law defines as people who work on a vessel afloat in navigable waters at least 30 percent of the time. The vessel need not be moving—as long as it is afloat, it could be moored, and the Jones Act would apply to its workers. The Jones Act provides health care and a partial wage while the worker cannot work due to their injury. This benefit is called maintenance and care (M&C).

Unlike worker’s comp, the Jones Act, under 46 U.S.C. § 30104, allows an injured worker to sue their employer for negligence. A seaman who could prove their employer’s negligence led to their injury could claim medical expenses not covered under M&C, the balance of their lost wages, and compensation for pain, suffering, and reduced future earning capacity.

Injuries to Dockworkers

People who build, maintain, and repair ships, load and unload cargo, and others who work on docks and in harbors usually do not qualify as seamen. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) covers work-related injuries for these individuals.

This program provides free medical care and a partial wage to employees who cannot work due to a work-related illness or injury. Unlike the Jones Act, shipyard workers cannot sue their employer, even if employer negligence was the direct cause of the injury.

However, third-party claims are possible. If a worker eligible for LHWCA benefits can prove that a third party caused the situation that led to the injury, the worker could have a right to sue the third party. A maritime accident attorney could investigate any shipyard accident in Galveston to determine whether a third-party is lawsuit is viable.

Injuries to Floating Oil Rig Workers

Workers on offshore oil rigs have some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet and they frequently suffer severe injuries in the course of their employment. If the rig is mobile, The Jones Act typically covers injured workers. If the rig is tethered to the ocean floor, the LHWCA usually applies. A legal professional could review an incident and determine a strategy to get the worker the highest compensation available.

Injuries to Cruise Ship Passengers Under Maritime Law

Several of the world’s leading cruise operators depart from the Port of Galveston. Unfortunately, cruise ship passengers could suffer injuries and illnesses related to conditions on board. If the ship operator was negligent, passengers have a right to sue for their injuries but the tickets often require bringing suit in a specific jurisdiction, impose the law of a specific country or state to govern the lawsuit, and require the passenger to meet strict notice provisions.

Anyone who suffered illness or injury while a passenger on a cruise ship should consult a Galveston maritime injury lawyer who is familiar with the legal restrictions and could take prompt action to preserve a passenger’s rights.

Contact a Galveston Maritime Injury Attorney if You Were Hurt on the Water or in a Shipyard

Maritime law is a specific area of practice. If you were hurt while working in the maritime professions or while a cruise ship passenger, work with a legal professional with experience representing people in these unique cases.

A Galveston maritime injury lawyer knows the law and what is at stake for you. Do not try to handle a maritime claim without first calling a member from our team.

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