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Galveston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

The oil and gas industry can be a dangerous industry to work in, and some of the most hazardous working conditions industry-wide are found on offshore oil rigs, where the risk of dangerous falls, machinery malfunctions, fires, and explosions is high.

When you are hurt in a job-related accident while working on an oil rig, you may have multiple options for seeking financial recovery that a skilled maritime injury attorney could help you take full advantage of. You deserve fair restitution for harm you sustained while you were just doing your job, and a Galveston oil rig accident lawyer could be the ally you need to get paid every cent you deserve for your injuries.

Recovering Financially After an Oil Rig Accident

People who work on offshore oil rigs are often covered by a piece of federal legislation called the Jones Act, which provides something similar to workers’ comp coverage specific to maritime workers who spend a significant portion of their working time away from land.

In a lawsuit against an employer or a third party whose negligence led to an oil rig accident, the injured person must establish the reckless or careless conduct of the person they are suing was the main and direct cause of their injury. In a Jones Act claim, proving an employer’s negligence contributed in some way to causing a work-related injury can be enough to allow for financial recovery, as a Galveston oil rig injury attorney could explain in more detail.

Taking Action Within Applicable Filing Deadlines

Someone seeking restitution for the effects of an oil rig injury under the Act typically has a maximum of three years after initially sustaining injury – or sometimes, after they actually discovered or reasonably should have discovered they were hurt due to work-related conditions – to file their claim. However, they are generally expected to notify their employer of their injuries as quickly as possible after discovering them, much like they would be required to if they were filing a traditional workers’ comp claim.

Third-party personal injury lawsuits stemming from oil rig accidents, on the other hand, are generally subject to the two-year statute of limitations codified under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003. Failing to file either personally or with a Galveston oil rig lawyer’s help within the applicable time limit will almost always leave an injured person with no means of ever getting compensation for their injury.

Contact a Galveston Oil Rig Accident Attorney for Help

Working on an oil rig is rarely easy and very often dangerous on multiple levels, but you should still demand fair financial recovery if you get hurt or sick on the job. A combination of state and federal laws may allow you to get comprehensive compensation for the effects of a workplace accident or illness, especially if you have help from seasoned legal counsel along the way.

A conversation with a Galveston oil rig accident lawyer could give you answers to important questions and a good idea of what steps you should take. Call today for a consultation.

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