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Galveston Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

No one boards a cruise ship with the expectation that they will be seriously injured. Unfortunately, accidents are commonplace not only aboard these vessels but also on the excursions that guests frequently take from the boat in the middle of the cruise.

When you have been injured while on vacation or as a worker on one of these vessels, a Galveston cruise ship accident lawyer might be able to help. These claims can be challenging to pursue, as cruise ships are not known for dealing with injury cases in good faith. The sooner you speak with a dedicated maritime injury attorney, the sooner they can get to work on your case.

Common Causes of Cruise Ship Injuries

There are many different ways to sustain an injury on board these vessels. A Galveston lawyer could pursue a cruise ship injury case based on any of the following circumstances.

Slip and Falls

Passengers could face a wide range of slip and fall hazards on these vessels. Falls happen frequently on deck, especially given the constant presence of water. These accidents are also common indoors, in restaurants, kitchens, or pool areas. When the staff fails to take reasonable steps like warning the guests about a spill, the cruise line could be liable for any injuries that occur.

Medical Errors

Many of these ships have doctors or nurses on board to see to passengers’ illnesses and injuries. However, these medical professionals have a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care to their patients. When they are medically negligent, it can have traumatic or even life-threatening consequences.

Excursion Accidents

Not all of these injuries happen on board the ship. Many of these incidents occur during excursions on land, which often involve adventurous or even dangerous activities. The cruise line could be liable even though the injury did not occur onboard the vessel. These injuries can result from car accidents, falls, or even collisions between recreational boats. When the ship employees fail to take reasonable steps to prevent an injury, a civil lawsuit could be appropriate.

Unique Laws for Cruise Ship Incidents

When a person is on a cruise ship at sea, the law that applies to them will likely be different compared to on dry land. Depending on where the ship is from, a different country’s laws might impact a personal injury case. More importantly, the terms and conditions that come with cruise ship tickets can also impact a person’s rights.

Many people are unaware of the terms that are attached to purchasing these tickets, and often, the cruise lines will include language limiting their liability even when they are negligent. These waivers are not always upheld in court, making it vital to seek guidance from a cruise ship accident lawyer in Galveston right away.

Another common issue in these terms and conditions is a limitation on the amount of time a person has to file a lawsuit. Often, the deadline to bring legal action in these cases is much shorter compared to negligence claims filed in the United States. An attorney could help ensure these deadlines are met.

Talk to a Galveston Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Today

When you are considering legal action following an injury on a cruise ship or other vessel that travels far from the shore, time is of the essence to file a claim. Any delay will only work against you. Reach out to a Galveston cruise ship accident lawyer today to discuss your case during a free consultation.

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